Reliable service from Singapore to Legoland in Malaysia?
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Family of four staying at a hotel in Singapore is hoping to visit Legoland in Malaysia around March 21 or 22. We would like a reliable method of getting there, and to be able to spend as much time as possible there. We need to return to Singapore the same evening, and are hoping for a hassle free method. What’s the smoothest way to do this? We don’t have a smartphone, if that matters.
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The most hassle-free way is probably to ask your hotel concierge for a day tour, or book one yourself. Something similar to this.

Be aware however that the trip there alone may take about 1.5 hours each way, not including the wait at customs.
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Yes ask your hotel. We were sent to a shopping centre to buy tickets. We got on near the big Ferris wheel thing (you know, like the London Eye) and we had an easy bus trip. There's plenty of time to do everything once you're there. My hot tip is to start at the other end of the park & work your way back, ie opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Hot tip 2. Pay attention to the Lego model of Singapore & note where the hawker centre is near where you got on the bus. When you get back, it will be late, everyone will be hungry and you will know where the food is.
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The super easiest way is to book a door to door taxi that's licensed to go from Singapore to Malaysia. The tour buses are cheaper and pretty comfy but at four people, the cab costs are sort of reasonable and you can start and finish when you want and stop at interesting places along the way with a friendly driver.

Your hotel can recommend a place or you can book online. They must have the specific cross border license to operate.
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