Paczki in the Bay Area
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Help me find Paczki in the Bay Area; Fat Tuesday is coming up and I'd love to find a place to buy a dozen of these jelly-filled fried balls of dough. (Alternatively let me know your best recipe so I can recreate my own if I have to)

Backstory, my girlfriend and I moved from Chicago a few years ago, and they were a favorite of hers. In Chicago we clearly never had a hard time finding them this time of year, but clearly the Bay Area is a different beast. We live mid-peninsula, so far north or east wouldn't likely work, but I'm happy to go a decent distance to procure them if necessary.
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My wife made this recipe and they were AMAZING. Outside of getting comfortable with having a vessel full of oil, it was surprisingly easy to make. Make a bunch. Give them to friends.
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The Polish Club of SF says 'It's hard to find real pączki in the SF Bay Area. However, there is something similar, that Jewish people call "sufganiyot."'

It goes on to list these places. I can confirm Saul's in Berkeley regularly has sufganiyot.
Try Saul's Deli and/or Neto Caffe.

It is possible that Cinderella Bakery bakes pączki in Lent.

The Seakor Deli in San Francisco may bake pączki. You could try them, too.

We’re not sure if Esther's has anything similar, but try!
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Oh sorry, brain error, Saul's has sufganiyot around Hannukah. Donut Savant in Oakland (near 19th and B'Way) regularly has sufganiyot and all sorts of other freshly made donut and donut-like pastries.
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Malasadas and paczki are pretty much the same.
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Try Donut Savant in downtown Oakland by 19th St BART. I saw sufganiyot there one year around Hannukah, so I wouldn't be surprised if they made paczki.
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This paczki map for Michigan expats worked for me in Boston last year. Its Bay Area suggestions are Seakor Polish Delicatessen and Sausage Factory in SF and Doughnut Dolly in Oakland/Berkeley/SF.

Doughnut Dolly's Twitter confirms presence of paczki today.
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Donut Dolly is no more as of last week. All locations closed :(
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