Short-term southern Oregon living alternatives.
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I'll be living in the Medford, OR area for ~six months (roughly late June - mid December) for an internship (regular day job hours), and then moving back to Portland. Looking for specific research sources on a couple of alternative ideas to traditional rentals.

I want to take the minimum amount of stuff with me, and live pretty small. Unfortunately, cursory craigslist skimming seems to suggest that rents are pretty much comparable to Portland; all that happens is I get more space for the same amount. But I'm not looking for more space, am definitely not moving enough to fill that space, and would like to do all in my power to avoid roommates. So that leaves me trying to figure out alternatives. Ideas so far are:

1) Leasing an RV or camper and living in a campground or.. somewhere? Friends are pushing this as a solid idea but I've zero experience with long-term mobile living (nor do they), so I'm wondering things like “which campgrounds would this be feasible at?” I don't know typical costs and this would be at least partly during peak RV season, so maybe the site rental + lease would wind up washing out about the same as a house or apartment.

2) Housesitting – doesn't exactly seem a hotbed of that around there, but I'm also unsure as to where to even look for info on those opportunities. Professors on sabbaticals, retirees headed away for a couple of months, some kind of property caretaker -- is this likely to be anything other than word-of-mouth?

Other alternatives I'm missing? I'd like to keep rent + utility costs to less than $1000/month (preferably much less). I'm okay with a commute of 30 minutes or so, possibly longer.
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My only suggestion would be to look into student housing stock in Ashland near SOU. Perhaps you can buy out a lease or sublet from a student who is leaving for the summer or graduating.

I imagine you can find a room to rent in Medford proper for <$500. I guess it depends how you personally weigh "preferably much less" on rent vs. "all in my power to avoid roommates"
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We found a furnished month to month rental on Air BnB. Many places offer significant discounts for renting by the month. Six months may be too long for this, but it's worth looking at.
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