NYC shop that sells crochet yarn?
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I'm looking for a brick-and-mortar shop (ideally in Manhattan, but am fine with Brooklyn or Queens) that sells a good selection of #8 cotton crochet thread, like this. Doesn't need to be DMC brand, just need that size and (hopefully) enough colors that I can find what I need. I have tried Michael's and my local yarn shops on the Upper West Side, and apparently they're too much of a niche item to carry anymore. Have you seen these balls? I am not looking for embroidery floss.
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Have you tried searching Google for items Available Nearby? Here's a search, see if the "Available Nearby" checkbox is available on the left and check it (NYC is not my location so I can't check for you).
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I seem to remember that Downtown Yarns (link to their Ravelry page, I can't get their website to open) has a decent crochet section. I can't tell you if they stock that particular thread (I'm a knitter so I didn't pay attention) but it might be worth giving them a call?
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Downtown yarns does definitely carry crochet cotton. I consider the selection to be good, but it's maybe 10 or 15 colors. You might try Seaport yarns in the financial district, but definitely call them first. I find them to be hit or miss.

In Brooklyn, give La casita and brooklyn general a call before you trek down.
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Artist's and Craftsman's Supply in Brooklyn at Manhattan and Metropolitan has crochet thread. I don't know the size but it's mercerized and smaller than 10 but larger than tatting thread (which is like 60-80?)

There's a needleppint shop near the park by the Natural History Myseum, but I haven't been in and I can't remember the name, naturally. I don't know if that's enough to go on.
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La Casita closed a few months ago.

B.E. Yarns on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint carries a selection of Aunt Lydia's crochet thread, #10 if I remember correctly. Cash only.

Slipstitch Needlecraft in BedStuy says it carries Aunt Lydia's. I haven't been there to see their selection.

You could also call Annie's, on 92nd and 2nd. They specialize in needlepoint and knitting, so I don't know if needlepoint thread might fit what you need.
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I apologize in advance because you did say brick and mortar shop, but I see that the Herrschner's catalog carries many colors of the imported-from-France DMC pearl cotton #8.
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#8 perle cotton, or any weight of perle cotton, is not technically crochet cotton, it is made for embroidery and needlework. Also used sometimes to tie quilts. You might get better results in finding perle cotton if you ask about thread or floss, because it is never referred to as yarn.

So needlework shops are your best bet. At a larger craft shop, the perle cotton is with the embroidery floss.

Other brands of actual perle cotton include Valdani and Presencia Finca.

NOTE: Perle cotton weight is not the same as crochet cotton thread weight! The numbers are similar but the sizes are not equivalent. And crochet cotton thread does not come in #8. It comes in 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30. #5 perle cotton =/= #5 crochet cotton.

#10 is the most common weight of crochet cotton. Also called bedspread cotton.

DMC does make crochet cotton thread as well. The best one is/was Cebelia, but I think it is only available in size 10 white anymore.

There are several brands of crochet cotton thread available. Lizbeth probably has the most color choices.
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To clarify, this is not necessarily a problem of availability, but one of terminology.

Perle cotton is a specific term. So is crochet cotton (thread). Neither of which is considered yarn, but generally fall under thread. Though they are not interchangable. You can crochet with perle cotton (or embroidery floss), but you probably would not want to embroider with crochet cotton. Perle cotton is not commonly available at yarn shops, but might be at quilt shops, and will be at needlework shops.

Also, neither of the two should be categorized with sewing thread or weaving yarn. Which can have similar numbering systems and are not equivalent with any of the others.

There's a lot to know, and it is a big mess if you don't know that you don't know.
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Thanks all!

Sorry if I used wrong terminology and that threw people off. I was specifically looking for the pearl cotton balls size 8, which I use for crocheting. Not standard crochet thread (that's way easier to find). None of the stores people suggested here seem to have it, but one of the women at Downtown Yarns sent me to Purl Soho, which does. (yay!)

Would still love to know any other options if anyone has actually seen them in the wild... I love the Herrschner's site, but I've had a really hard time trying to distinguish yarn colors from a screen.
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It's not NYC, but Flying Fingers has a yarn bus from Manhattan and they are known for their variety of stock. I'd give them a call or just hail the van with the giant fiberglass balls of yarn.
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Purl Soho only carries a limited range of colors IIRC. Daytona Trimmings on 39th St has a much better selection, it's upstairs in their yarn section. They also have two fat orange cats named Rick and Rack.

Rita's Needlepoint on the UES also carries most if not all the colors of DMC perle and lots other similar weight threads. No cats though.
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So. That was me craftsplaining. My apologies, I got a bit over-energetic.

My mother uses perle cotton for Swedish weaving, and it can be tough to find in anything but red, black, and white.
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Knitty City on the UWS had it but that was 6+ months ago so you'd probably want to call first.
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I checked out Artist & Craftsman Supply yesterday on my way home. Forgive if it's the wrong thing, because clearly I don't know thing one about crochet thread/cotton/what have you, but yes, they did have items labeled as "perlé cotton #8." Colors were limited: red, orange, lime green, purple and a rainbow multi. I did not note the brand.
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