Best lavender-scented shampoo/conditioner
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I recently got some California Baby Calming Shampoo, and I love the smell. Sadly, the shampoo itself isn't my favorite. So do you know of any other awesome lavender-scented shampoos and conditioners?

I don't need the shampoo to have any special characteristics (SLS is totally fine, organic status is not important) as long as it smells like real lavender and not like some weird artificial scent that pretends to smell like lavender.
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You can get some lavender essential oil (not a specific brand recommendation) and add it to whatever you want.
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I can't stand lavender, but I've thought very highly of kiss my face products. There's is the only Spearmint I can
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I have had only terrible experiences adding essential oils to already-formulated products, so I'd tread carefully with that advice.
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I'm a committed fan of the lavender body wash from Everyday Shea; they also make a shampoo, which I assume is also nice.
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Herbal Essences purple bottles are usually a combo of lavender and vanilla or honey. I buy them for the scent, but I can't say how natural smelling it really is.
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LUSH has a couple of lavender scented shampoo bars, Lullaby and Jumping Juniper. I haven't used those particular bars, but I've liked every shampoo bar I tried from there and they both have good reviews. If you live near a LUSH store, you can go in and smell them!
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L'Oreal has a lovely lavender-scented conditioner (and shampoo). EverPure. I can't seem to get a good link.
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Avalon Organic's lavender is quite nice. It's a herbal (rosemary-esque) lavender rather than a fake (lilac-esque) one.

(Also, if you're interested in soap, the Trader Joe's lavender soap is amazing)
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I'm a fan of EO Organics lavender stuff--the shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion are quite nice.
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Whole Foods makes a nice store brand of shampoo and conditioner in lavender. I would put it more on the clarifying end of the spectrum.
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I stumbled across Maple Holistic's brand looking for something to degrease my hair. I ordered their Tea Tree conditioner (thinking it would smell like tea tree), but lo and behold it smells like fresh lavender. I love it.
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I use Avalon Organic's lavender, and find it very refreshing.
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