Can you identify this action figure toy?
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I would like to know more about this toy and bonus points where I could possibly get one? Two Headed Action Figure. I have limited background, but basically a toy collector friend spotted (and took this photo) at a toy convention. He wants one. The owner had no details on the figure. Thanks.
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The individual heads seem to be a direct copy of the Ray Harryhausen cyclops.
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I know this toy! It's made by a company called PlanetxAsia, the name of the figure is Twinclops. Here's the instagram of the company that makes them:

They are super cool, and it looks like they are limited release, so you'll probably have to look for secondhand versions. If you're ever looking for toys like this in the future, adding the terms "kaiju" or "sofubi" will get you all kinds of cool collectible toy results.

Edited to add: That particular paint scheme may not be direct from PlanetxAsia, I know a fair amount of people who buy vinyl toys to paint with custom colors.
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Thanks everyone. Man, that was fast. Sadly doesn't look like I can snag one easily.
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There's one on EBay Japan going for US$389 if you're feeling spendy...
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