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The Music app on my iPhone plays songs that aren't on the playlist I selected. Can I fix this?

I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.2.1.

With the advent of the Apple Music service, the Music app has become hard to tame. I thought I had it in-hand: cellular access for Music is turned off; Genius is turned off; it doesn't display songs that aren't downloaded; home sharing is not activated. I do not subscribe to Apple Music.

All of my purchased songs are on my Macbook, but my iPhone has only one specific playlist synched and downloaded. It has been months since I synched, but I haven't changed it, either.

When using the iPhone, I only ever listen to that one playlist on random. Literally, I always select Music > Playlists > [playlist name] > Shuffle All.

Lately, though, when that playlist is on random, other songs play that I've purchased but are not downloaded to the iPhone and not on that playlist. This has only happened at home but, again, home sharing is turned off. So I don't know what's going on.

Is there a way to make the Music app stick to a playlist anymore? Alternatively, is there an app that just plays playlists anymore? Preferably not affiliated with a streaming service, although I recognize it may be time to bite that bullet.
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I have a iPhone 5 running 10.2.1 and I haven't noticed this. I listen to various playlists on shuffle pretty much 100% of the time. Are you sure you're hitting shuffle on the playlist and not one the Music home?
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Best answer: I also have an iPhone 5 with 10.2.1, and after getting annoyed with the Apple Music app a while back I ended up switching to Cesium Music Player, which just plays my music/playlists and doesn't have any cloud features. There are other similar apps out there, but I like that one.
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Response by poster: @humbolt32: I'm sure I'm always going into the playlist.

But now that you mention it, I don't know what my new car's Bluetooth link is doing. It's just a connection, not native Music app support. Could it be re-shuffling at the top level (which seems to be the default), which carries over when I hit play again inside? Hmm.
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Best answer: So, what I've found is that if in the middle of a random shuffle, if you stop and start the shuffle, it can sometimes 'lose' the playlist and either grab all your music, or just a small subset.

So, like, if you take shuffle off, then put it back on, it'll switch out of the playlist. This also randomly happens (ok, I'm sure it's not random, but I haven't dedicate time to testing/recreation) when stopping and starting.. like moving from one Bluetooth player to another or headphones to bluetooth and back.

Also, turn off the Cloud music, which is a different setting than sharing.
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