Pond Skating Near Stratton, VT?
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Where can I go pond skating near Stratton, VT?

I'm a city kid, and I have only ever been ice skating on man-made rinks. Everyone I know who grew up in colder climes says that pond skating is where it's at. I'll be taking a ski trip up to Stratton soon, and I'm curious if there is anywhere that I can go pond skating near there. My google-fu has failed me. Any place within a 45 minute drive of Stratton/Manchester should do the trick.
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As you probably gathered Stratton has a sort of "pond skating" experience that is right there (video). I grew up pond skating (in MA) and this would not really fit the bill for me, but it's very easy and right there. Riley Rink is the big rink nearby and you might just want to call them or the library to ask about options for skating outside. Sunset Lake is the place people skate up near me but that's a schlep from where you are and we're starting to get warmer weather so it may be a bust for this year.
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