NOLA Restaurants for 10-17 Academics in CBD or FQ?
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We'll be flying in for a conference on Memorial Day, and we need to find 2 dinner venues, one for 17 & one for 10 people. I was thinking Antoines (I'm a tourist so I love the back rooms and the idea of our project name on a Baked Alaska), but their cheapest prix fixe is well over the limit for our university ($59). Our conference is next to the Superdome, so I’m looking in the French Quarter/CBD within walking distance. Thanks for any suggestions!
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What is the budget?
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Response by poster: Ideally ~$60/person, including tax/tip (but not drink). I have some flexibility, but not a lot. Thanks!
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All of the Brennan's restaurants have delightful private dining options. I feel comfortable recommending any of them.

Cochon has a sneaky upstairs.

SoBou has a back room.

Were I you, I would save money on one meal doing something super authentic and affordable (like Elizabeth's or Parkway) and splurge on the other doing something cool (like the things above). But that's just me. Good luck out there! MeFi mail if I can help.
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I'm sorry, I thought you were saying that Antoine's cheapest prix fixe was $59, not that your budget was $59.

John Besh's more casual places offer private dining and are relatively close to the Hyatt (if that's where you're based): Luke and Domenica are going to be the least expensive but Borgne is right in the hotel. La Casita is also fairly near and cheap, but not very large so you'd probably have to split up tables. Depending on the mobility of your group, anything much further than that might be pushing walking distance, especially for people who might not be used to the heat.
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Best answer: Palace Cafe is my favorite Brennans restaurant. The food is outstanding, and the atmosphere is nice but less fussy than their other offerings. I always took visitors there. I think it's within your budget.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. Palace Cafe was the right price point and atmosphere for my academics, and the food at Domenica was incredible for the smaller event (and the oysters at Borgne were PERFECT for the even smaller event in my belly).

Can't wait to go back, work or otherwise.
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