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I need some new summer sheets. I know it's February but it's already 75 degrees every day where I live so I guess it's time to take the flannels off. My only criteria is that they be striped or patterned in such a way that I know how they go on the bed without doing it wrong first and then having to turn them around every single time.

I'm not too concerned with cost. I don't want to spend like a thousand dollars for no reason, but they can be kind of expensive. I am in the United States.

Where'd you get your favorite sheets?
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Costco. I like their cheap sets.
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Target. Percale for summer for sure (though I like them all year round, but I sleep hot). Lands End for an upgrade option.
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Ikea. Great designs. They start off a little stiff but get quite soft with repeated washings.
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Another vote for Target. I'm pretty sure they also have tags on the inside of the fitted sheets that tell you whether it's top, bottom or side, which I've always appreciated.
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I am a fan of Target sheets. Also - their fitted sheets are tagged with little labels telling you which end is a side and which is the top. These labels are truly remarkably handy.
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Whoops, yes, meant LLBean percale, not Lands End.
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For hot weather sleeping, I've been very happy with linen sheets. Pure linen is very expensive, but Target has some linen/cotton blends that are fairly affordable, and to me are cooler feeling than pure cotton (or most any other sheets I've tried). I was not able to find striped linen/cotton blend at the store, but they may have them online. The better feel has been worth the lack of stripes or pattern for me :)
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I have a set of mid-range Ikea sheets and a set of mid-range Target sheets. I think I paid about the same for the sets. Both are fine in terms of feel/attractiveness/whatever.

They're a few years old and have gone through the wash (though not the dryer, I don't have a dryer so I just hang everything to dry) a number of times now--the Target sheets seem to be holding up much better structurally. The elastic is having a rough go of it on the Ikea fitted sheet.

I don't really have a problem with the Ikea sheets, but I'd definitely recommend Target over Ikea for this.
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Macy's clearance. All of my favorite sheets come from Macy's clearance bins at the store or online sales. They stock higher quality items than target. I have Target sheets as well and would never recommend them - they are so-so quality, and a good sale at Macy's ends up costing me the same for much better bedding.
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No contest - soft, wonderful, cool.
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nthing Target. I just bought a set of their vintage washed percale sheets and they're heavenly. (I'm not sure how they differ from their regular percale line, which also gets great reviews.)
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Per SaltySalticid's comment, I found linen sheets on Etsy for less than I could find in retail stores online, and they're cut/sewed such that there's a seam at the head and foot that makes it easy to tell the orientation. (I likewise have that problem putting sheets on my bed, routinely doing it wrong at least once each time I re-sheet.) This is the seller I purchased from:
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We love Linoto linen sheets. No idea if they offer stripes (we have plain white), but I believe they offer a number of colors, so they might.
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I love linen too, but am still searching for the perfect ones. My Linoto fitted sheet wore through within a year twice. The company gets credit for promptly replacing the first one that wore out, but I didn't care to ask them to replace the second. They also generated so much lint in the very bright fashion color I chose. My sister got some in a less saturated color around the same time I did, and hers are still in service so there's some data points for you.

The L. L. Bean percale sheets recommended by the Sweethome are nice too. Very different feel from linen but both can be good for hot weather.

The Sweethome has also reviewed linen sheets, I haven't made it to a West Elm store to put my hands on their winning pick yet. I found the swatches Rough Linen sent me nice but not worth the price.

I am going to use ribbon to DIY this Target idea on all my sheets.
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