I broke a chair and really need to replace it.
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The place it was purchased has closed. The chair looks like this. Please help me. Thank you.
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This close enough?

It's a pretty standard-looking chair - you could probably find one on Craigslist if you're patient.
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Sunset Trading has the absolute closest match I could locate, without being able to see the rear bottom of your chair, in the provided image.

Should the specs be incorrect, or the price point undesirable, it's at least a starting point . Best luck!
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Maybe this one? Not sure if there's a way to buy only one, but it's a start.
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If you are in the NY Metro area, I can GIVE you two of them. Mine are all natural wood so you would need to paint the black part.
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Likewise I have maybe ten of those if you're in the MA area you can have one. Otherwise you can google the chair name from Mchelly's link and look for good deals on Low Country Windsor Back Side Chair and see what you can find. Here is one, not too pricey. I can't tell if it's exactly the same but if so, SKU is 80-C1000S
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Thanks everybody. Using search terms I found in all of your links, I found two for $180 and free shipping on Amazon, so I think I'll go that direction. Special thanks to AugustWest and jessamyn for offering to give me chairs. You guys are sweet.
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Oh wait, here it is for $152. I'll do that instead.
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