breaking up the day productively and making my dog happy with me :)
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Pomodoro or other customizable timer: I have been using BeFocused Pro which I like a lot. However, I use Toodledo for my tasks. What I would like is a Pomodoro or other interval timer that can remind what to do on the breaks... yoga, train dog, go for a walk etc. And i want to specify them depending on short or long break.

I can't use Toodledo reminders for this because the Pomodoros don't line up exactly to certain times. I am specifically looking for something that will let me customize the break message on a Pomodoro. It is essential that the 4 short breaks/1 long break functionality be existing.

I've heard of Alfred for Mac. Is this something I could do with Alfred? Open to any suggestions for Mac. If I could somehow link the "break" coming up in BeFocused to a workflow in Alfred that would show me the break activity list? I don't actually know how it works.

Please only suggest things that you have actually tried because believe me I've explored nearly every Pomodoro app out there. I do not need a recommendation on a Pomodoro app :-)

Thank you hive mind! Bzzz bzz!
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