Great restaurant in Madrid?
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We have a long layover in Madrid on a Saturday night (March 11th) and need recommendations for an amazing authentic Spanish restaurant. Price doesn't really matter, as long as we can get a reservation, if needed. We're staying in the Hotel Villa Real, very close to the Museo Nacional Del Prado. If we could go somewhere walking distance from there, that'd be ideal! Thank you!
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I don't know how far you'd like to walk, but Mercado de San Miguel (Wikipedia) is a little over half a mile from the hotel where you'll be. My map shows it to be about 15 minutes away on foot. You could eat and drink all night for 1 euro per small plate, or thereabouts. (I was last in Madrid in 2015; my brother and his wife took us there to introduce us to the Spanish tapas scene.)
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Two suggestions:

Astrid y Gastón - This is the Madrid outpost of the famous Peruvian restaurant (#30 on the "World's Best" list. The setting is elegant and refined; the food is exceptional. (The waiter gave us a little box of alfajores to take back to our hotel after we raved about them.)

La Gastroteca de Santiago - This is a tiny restaurant (only 7 tables) on a lovely street in the Plazuela Santiago and near the Iglesia Santiago. Delicious food in an intimate atmosphere.
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You could do one of the Galician seafood spots. Think classic American steak house but instead of hideously expensive meat you get hideously expensive shellfish and fin fish. O'Pazo is a name, there are others. Look for reviews on line

Or you could do a steak house that serves classic Spanish beef or roast lamb? I

Los Asturianos for classic asturian food in a more casual setting

Or if you don't want ingredient driven food (which is really what traditional Spanish food is all about) I hear nothing but good things about Punto MX. Diverxo is probably "the" foodie place to go in the San Pellegrino kinda style.

If it were me I'd do a seafood place.
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Seconding Astrid y Gaston.
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If it were me then, rather than head to one restaurant, I would sign up for a tapas tour - maybe with these guys. You - and possibly others in a small group - will be taken to a whole range of great places to eat on an evening walking tour. The end effect will be the same as having had a single full meal - but you will have experienced a broader range of places over about 3 hours.
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I did the El Club Allard tasting menu two years ago and it was absolutely exceptional, if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.

If you're looking for an authentic Madrid dining experience in the evening, my favourite tapas in the city are in Bocaito in Chueca. There's a restaurant in the back, but the best thing to do is find a stool in the bar at about 10pm and order all their specials. It's very casual and very delicious.

There are so many great places to eat in Madrid. It's difficult to choose just one.
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If you must go to a San Pellegrino place please at least make it one that is of Madrid.
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When I was staying very near where you are going to be I just went on a bar tour and ate tapas. There are a lot of nice bars easily within walking distance in a nice old area of Madrid. They are essentially all nice, and as a plus it is how the Spanish eat. You have a nice big lunch and then just eat tapas a bit for some dinner. Everything was quite cheap. If I were you I would just leave the hotel and head south into the literary district just wandering into bars to get food when they look nice.
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Sala de Despiece. It's a modernist take on tapas and is delicious.
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Thanks to everyone who responded to this! We ended up going to A&G Madrid and it was AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend. Probably the best meal we've had in a long time.
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