Funny Reusable Tote Bag Slogan
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I'm getting some tote bags printed up that are meant to tie in with Chicago's recent 7¢ checkout bag tax. I need a funny, not-too-serious slogan to print on it: my current front runner is "Chicago's Trashy Enough / reuse this bag."

I have a typographic designer who does really cool custom lettering ready to make whatever line y'all come up with look cool.

This is promotional swag for an events promotion company with a funny, irreverent voice; as long as something isn't out-and-out graphic, vulgar or sexually explicit it's all fair game.

References to Chicago stuff is fine BUT keep in mind pizza + hot dogs are very overdone and not the particular direction I wanna go in with this one. Def want to incorporate a sort of reminder that we can't just rely on plastic shopping bags anymore.
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Big Shoulders and Grocery Holders (or, similarly, Chicago: City of Big Shoulders and Grocery Holders)
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Reuse and Recycle: Keep the City Beautiful
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"Ask me what I'm going to do with the 7 cents I just saved."
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Lucky Sevens
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Most of my reusable bags have drawings by kids or ads or slogans. I would be happier with something subdued, actual art or design, or a solid color with maybe a small graphic saying something like Remember your reusable shopping bag - Keep Chicago clean.
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"I usually forget this bag in my trunk"
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THIS BAG IS GREEN (on a bag that is not green in colour)
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I like kevinbelt's suggestion. Maybe something shorter along those lines, like "accruing millions, seven cents at a time."
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I keep trying to make something work with "Chicago Seven" but nothing's really gelling. Maybe somebody else can run with this better...
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What about a take on the many "thank you" plastic bags.
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Since this is for your events promo group I think something along the lines of reuse this bag, see more shows or whatever might be a good/relevant direction to take it.
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I saved 7 cents but all I got was this lousy tote bag.
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What if you did a take on those blank&blank&blank&blank with Chicago specific slang or terms (Frunchroom/Grachki/Grabowski/Pop/Washroom/etc?)
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Or something like Seven Cent Millionaire
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In block letters write
The Seven Cent Solution
Then put a caret proofreader's mark between the "Seven" and the "Cent" and handwrite the word "Purse" above the caret, giving you something like "The Seven Purse Cent Solution".
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How about "Over taxes? Get into totes!", or similar tongue-in-cheek variations? Like, "Stick it in THIS, to stick it to the IRS!"( or just 'The Man', if the former is too specific)? Or, "Bag the plastic tax with reusable totes!" You get the gist, anyhow. Could keep thinking of slogans all day, advertising and marketing has long fascinated me. If you'd like other ideas, I'm happy to receive MeMail. ;)
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"Wow, I actually remembered to bring this with me today!"
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Centsable Seven
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"Save the Chicago Seven" would work.

Also, "I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up."
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This bag kills fascists
(Seven cents at a time)
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I love The Seven Cent Solution. It's nicely alliterative and Sherlock Holmes fans will be beside themselves.
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I'm trying to think of some play on "Urbs in Horto" (City in a Garden) which is Chicago's motto, but I can't quite come up with it. If you could somehow illustrate a great spreading tree in a park-garden where everyone has totes instead of plastic bags ... I dunno.

Maybe you could do the Chicago flag with the top and bottom bars saying "Big Shoulders" and "Grocery Holders" (or similar) and the four stars all being "7¢ 7¢ 7¢ 7¢". Or maybe the top and bottom lines could say "Urbs in Horto" and "Name of Your Org" or whatever.
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Urbs in Sacculi (City in a Bag? at least according to Google translate? Latin anybody?)
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You'll never see this bag flapping in a tree.

Only using this bag until Ed Debevic's opens again.

Seven-cent bag reuse fee: another way Chicago beats New York.
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Reusable Bags Make Sen¢e
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Stay in the Loop! Use this bag for shopping!
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If the Cubs can win the Series, you can stop using plastic bags
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Is this for Chicago locals? How about a bag featuring the Zayre's design and a slogan like "Our plastic bags outlived our stores."

You may or may not want to do a parody logo version (Sayre? Zarye?) depending on how much you estimate that the TJ Max company cares about suing over a 27-year-old defunct brand.
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