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My grandma has been reading a lot of unreliable and misleading Russian-language news and blogs. It makes me sad to hear her repeat racist propaganda that she saw on some random website that's translating Breitbart with a splash of weird post-communist flavor. Can you guys suggest any good Russian-language news sources that are reliable and provide legitimate, fact-based coverage? I'd like to offer her some alternative sources of information, because she's sophisticated enough to be online, but not really sophisticated enough to see the propaganda she's reading for what it is. Thanks in advance! She'll be voting in 2018 so...
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deutsche welle -- Germany's international public station -- has extensive reporting in Russian.

(deutsche welle will have a 'western' slant, but, judging from their offerings in other languages, they are a responsible outlet, don't make up facts, etc.)
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Are you seeking Russian language news about Russia or the US?
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That being said, I love Meduza. Their English language stuff is good too. They are mostly focused on Russian news.

Radio Free Europe just launched their RT competitor, Current Time. It is too new to evaluate but might be a good thing to look into, again for Russian regional news.

In terms of coverage of US news, but in the Russian language, it is mostly dominated by regional newspapers with their own diasporan political slant. The Voice of America 's Russian Service is pretty heavy American propaganda and wouldn't cover anything with any nuance, I'd bet, but it might be worth considering.
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RuNet Echo.
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RuNet Echo?
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I presume BBC Russian news is already on your radar?
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Thanks for these suggestions! To clarify, I am primarily focused on US news, but world news is a definite bonus!
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