Slept like a toddler
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Parents and Friends of children of metafilter: Toddler pillow recommendations!

No particular specs. Less than $50. Amazonable would be best, or we're in the US with the usual stores. My kid seems to like our flat-ish feather pillow best but it's adult sized. There are reviews online but they all seem to be written by advertisers... Thank you experienced parents!
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We always used a flat, adult sized pillow (synthetic for allergies and ease of washing) with a waterproof cover should there be bed vomit or epic diaper fail.
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We just bought these from Amazon. So far, so good!
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We also primarily used adult pillows that were pretty flat. Our 2 yr old does have a small vintage pillow that she likes. We have a water proof cover on her mattress but the pillow would just get washed if necessary.
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I chose this little toddler pillow for my kid. It was a really good small size for him to "practice" using a pillow with, plus it was very easy to wash. Since it was small I could just add the pillow to his load of laundry. He was a belly sleeping toddler and this small pillow didn't take up too much room at the head of his converted crib. Now he uses a flat standard sized pillow in a twin sized bed, but that would have been too much pillow for him at first in the toddler/converted crib.
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Todder pillows always felt to me like a thing that the baby industrial complex marketed to you, but that were not at all really necessary or useful. Flat-ish adult pillow is fine. Don't overthink it. Toddlers don't need special pillows.
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My kids never used pillows anyway because they always ended up at 90 or 180 degrees in the bed, or smack in the middle of it.

My 3 year old does have a small pillow that I think we originally bought as the insert to a throw pillow, but he doesn't use it any more than any other pillow.

Just get another flattish feather pillow and leave it at that.
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I have four toddler pillows I bought off Amazon and they work great. I have four pillows and one toddler because I lived through a couple epic nights of stomach bug shenanigans and spare pillows made everything so much easier. They hold up well even after multiple trips through the washer.

We tried adult sized pillows but she hates them, for what it's worth, because they keep her head too high off the mattress.
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My son coslept and always gravitated towards full-size pillows from early on, I got him the obus forme butterfly pillow because it's long and flat.
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We have a series of travel pillows and small throw pillow inserts with small, hand sewn pillow cases. I like smaller pillows because we can keep a few on hand and rotate them when they need to be washed. Plus, my toddler just seems to be prefer smaller pillows.
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We use a very flat regular non-toddler pillow for Typehip (age 3) and it's pretty great. He's a very mobile sleeper, but he uses it more like a body pillow and hugs it as he's going to sleep. We have a waterproof cover, and a pillowcase, and it was just like an inexpensive 10 dollar flat as heck machine washable pillow from Target.
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We have two of these and they are great - my daughter used them when we took the side off her crib for about a year, and now takes them to preschool for nap time. We've washed them every other week since September and they've held up well. We also have a couple of their pillowcases and they are soft and have also held up well.
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Thanks everyone. Looks like I'm over thinking this and any pillow will do.
I just got this one because I found a coupon online and the amount of squish in the picture looked just right.
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