How to stay in a specific, particular, comfy position while relaxed?
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In certain situations where I'd like to relax (with the option to take a nap even), the most comfortable position might be partially reclined with my fingers interlaced on my chest in front of me. Often I'll end up having to settle with a less comfy position after starting to doze and having my interlaced fingers come apart, startling myself awake. Is there any sort of mechanical solution or other trick that might alleviate this first world napping problem?

Just a quick note to say that trivial solutions like going to a bed or maybe even using a hoodie pocket aren't really going to help much. Ditto for putting pillows under elbows because that rarely helps with maintaining the mechanical connection of the fingers on the two hands after they relax, which really is crucial here.

I feel like there has to be some product in an airport kisok or Japanese market or a yoga instructor's handbook or an anthropology review of cool things the native peoples of the Yukon or somewhere utilized that is perfect for this very thing. A leather strap/thong of sorts woven cunningly perhaps?

Oh and the problem also occurs, though less frequently with the 'interlaced hands behind my head' manuver as well. Ideally the same solution could be applied to either situation.

Thanks for the help and I am happy to clarify anything that is not clear.
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If it's the weight of your elbows and upper arms dragging the hands apart after they relax, then could you try making a closed band of fabric to run around the elbows and over your belly to support that weight, while you clasped your hands loosely inside it? Maybe 8-10" wide, and it'd be of roughly circumference= 2x the summed length of your forearms, plus a little bit extra to allow for the width of your interlaced hands in the middle.

If it was made of a non-stretch, non-knit fabric, seems like that'd support your elbows very nicely, and without exerting any harmful tension on your wrists. Heck, you could probably make a test version of this right now from an old sheet or dress shirt and some safety pins.
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This problem might be solved with a set of Chinese finger traps.
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Hammock. The sides push your arms together. It was supremely relaxing. Ask me how I know
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Yea, the band around the elbows is the nuclear option, I may work something like that together soon. Heck I could test it with a belt or two maybe. I was really hoping for something more easily manageable but who knows.

Chinese finger traps are the right idea but I'd rather keep the hands comfortably clasped.

I love hammocks and this whole thing is probably part of the reason why... however, picturing or wishing I was in a hammock whilst I try to snooze in a chair isn't all that helpful.
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I'm not sure what the ideal solution is but have a strong feeling it would involve Velcro.
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Maybe you could sew some gloves together? Fingerless gloves if heat is an issue.
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There are a series of portable armrests designed for flying that hold your wrists together. Like this one.
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Velcro tape on gloves.
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Okay, I've got it.
Get an elastic head wrap.
Put your hands in from opposite sides so that it is at wrist level, or thereabouts.
Twist your hands so they are pointing upwards.
The band is now in a figure eight around your wrists.
Clasp your fingers together and go to sleep.

It is making me sleepy just practicing it.
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If I don't slip into a comfort coma I'll report back on these as soon as I try them. Great ideas here.
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Comfortable sweatshirt and pull your arms out of the sleeves and have them down inside the body of the sweatshirt? Or even just inside an oversized t-shirt?
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Reporting in, SLC Mom wins the prize. Works a treat.
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