BBC Ivanhoe TV series (1970) w/Eric Flynn-Where find REALLY rare films??
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I am desperately seeking to rewatch this series from my childhood. It was the "Ivanhoe" TV series done by the BBC in 1970 with Eric Flynn. I am not interested in any other version of "Ivanhoe" - only this one. Please do not confuse other versions with this one as it will just confuse the thread. Directed by David Maloney. This is the IMDB listing. Does anyone know where I can get a VHS or DVD or find it online? Or even in a library in the USA? Where do people go to find really, really rare movies? Is there some kind of service online that will track down really rare films for a person?
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The BFI only lists two episodes (episodes 7 and 9) which suggests to me that unfortunately the others have been deleted. 1970 is during the middle of the time that the BBC were routinely deleting archived shows so it would fit.

It would probably be worth your while contacting the BFI to see if they can confirm that this is the case.
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I think the BFI results threetwentytwo is seeing are just the episodes where David Maloney is credited as director, which itself seems incomplete. According to the BFI collection search, they hold no episodes.

It doesn't seem to appear on any of the lists of known BBC or other UK lost episodes (although the earlier '58-9 series appears on some, but not all, lists). One of the closest things to an 'official' list of missing BBC / UK epsiodes - Kaleidoscope's - doesn't list it (or the earlier series) as missing.

Not much help, I know, but it might be a glimmer of hope ;)
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You may want to ask at the BritMovie forum. If they do not know, probably no-one does.
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