iPhoto hangs on import
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My son has a locked-down account on my wife's computer. My wife plugged in her iPhone when her son was logged in. This brought up iPhoto, but the import screen hung on "Loading..." We closed iPhoto, logged out of the limited account, logged into my wife's account, and restarted iPhoto. Same result. Rebooted -- same result. Any ideas how to fix?

OS X 10.9.5, iPhoto 9.5.1. I'm totally comfortable with the terminal, but my knowledge of *nix is still limited (despite using Ubuntu at work every day for the past 6 months :-P).

This smells like a permissions issue, so the first thing I checked was to make sure that my wife was the owner of all files in the iPhoto library, which she is. There's nothing in the Auto Import folder.

Really hoping I can get this working without a rebuild (we have photos going back to 2007) or having to upgrade to a newer OS X / Photos app.
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I've started having this problem recently. I assume it was a recent iOS upgrade, but I've got nothing to support that.

I can temporarily fix it by restarting the iPhone. The first time I plug the phone in after the restart, iPhoto launches and shows the phone's Camera Roll, as it should. But this only works once and next time I want to sync photos between the phone and the MBP I have to restart the phone again.
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Just to make sure... the newer iOS won't load the photos unless the phone itself is unlocked (i.e. you enter the code or do fingerprint ID) so make sure you've taken that step. I was surprised by it.
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Thx both, no love for rebooting or ensuring that the phone is unlocked.
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If it's a permissions/trust problem, where iPhoto hit a security block when using your son's locked-down account and for some reason can no longer get past that, I suggest unlocking the son's account temporarily, re-connecting the phone while that account is logged in, and seeing if it can get past the block.
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