Looking for two books, one from kid's perspective, one from bully's
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As a child my friend read a pair of books. The distinguishing feature of these books was that the first book told a story of a kid who was being bullied (although that may not have been the main plotline), and the bully was written as a very flat, stock bully character. The second covered the same time period, from the perspective of the bully.

He read this book in 1995 or 1996, but it may not have been new then.

One specific plot element was that the bully stepped on the kid's costume, leaving a footprint. The kid made the best of the situation, and actually thought the footprint was cool. When this event was seen from the bully's perspective, the bully was disappointed that his act had no effect on the kid.

Any thoughts?
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Maybe A Dog on Barkham Street and The Bully of Barkham Street by Mary Stolz?
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Definitely the Barkham st books. The kids have a play at school about Pandora's box and the foot print adds to the costume.

The bullying story-line is kind of secondary, to the story of the boy and his uncle's dog, but is the catalyst for some action.
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Perfect, thank you!
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