To Do List With Subtasks/ Tree View For Windows + Android
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My primary/ deal-breaker requirement for a To Do list is that I am able to create sub/ child tasks on the primary/ parent task, and view them in a tree view. In Windows I currently use My Life Organized for this and it is awesome, but to sync with an Android phone costs horrible $$$'s, and I don't care much for the app either. What are other To Do lists with subtasks/ tree views which either sync across Windows & Android (preferably), or are web based? Thanks!
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I am not sure Remember the Milk ticks all of your requirements, but you should at least take a quick has changed a lot over the's relatively inexpensive, has smart lists, sub-tasks, Android and Web, but I don't think there's a tree view per se (or at least not that I've noticed). Just FYI in case .
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Not many choices out there. I've tried just about all of them, and still use GTO Tasks (found at:
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I'm a huge fan of Trello, too.
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Workflowy is dead simple, works perfectly via browser and Android app, has great keyboard shortcuts, and is free up to 250 list items.
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Trello isn't exactly tree-oriented and at any rate really only has a couple levels of subtasking. I feel your pain, OP, I haven't been able to find one exactly like I want it to work.
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Task management apps with subtasks:, Todoist, Toodledo, GQueues. Unfortunately, most apps want you to pay to get subtask functionality.
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Trello. List = Top level. Card = Sub-level 1. Checklist(s) = Sub-level 2.
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I like Checkvist for extremely simple tree todo lists. I mostly use it on a desktop but there's a mobile web version that works reasonably well.
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I get it, it's just useful to have sub-levels 3-∞, too.
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Thanks, all! On further review, it looks like sticking with My Life Organized is probably the best option here: although you need the Pro version for both Windows & Android ($60 + $25) for wifi sync (i.e. = horrible $$$'s), they also offer cloud sync for the Standard versions ($30 (which I already own) + $free) for $15/ year, which I think = totally reasonable $$$'s (and I'm really not sure why you'd prefer wifi vs cloud sync anyway). I've also just watched the Android Overview Tutorial and it looks like the app will do what I need, w/r/t subtasks. I'll update this thread if I encounter any issues with the cloud sync.
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