Tips and advice for volunteer work and photography in/around New Orleans?
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Volunteering and photography in Biloxi/New Orleans - tips and advice?

A friend and I are driving down to New Orleans (well, Biloxi) to work with Hands-On USA for the weekend. The following Monday and Tuesday we've reserved for photography.

If anyone has any advice about the general area, perhaps on volunteering specifically, tips with regard to photography areas of interest in the New Orleans area, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Neither of us has been to the area post-Katrina, nor have we worked with the Hands-On USA group previously.
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cities of the dead is not just the most amazing N.O photography book; it is one of the most amazing photography books on any subject.

The cemeteries are still there. The old churches are all intact. There is much to photograph that is not devastated at all. Plus there is all the devastation to photograph.
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