Looking for mural ideas
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My house has a wall out the front that I'd love to paint (or have painted) with a mural. There are no council regulations preventing this, but I can't think of a good picture.

The wall is concrete and measures about 8 metres long and 2.5 metres high. It is currently painted white. There are a few murals around the neighbourhood that I like: one in particular that's a stylised version of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. I live near the sea (in a cool climate) and I like the idea of something sea-related, though I'm not set on it. I'm looking for a more specific idea than "paint some boats". I like the idea of stylising a famous painting or picture, or generally doing something a bit abstract. All suggestions gratefully received.
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What about an underwater scene? Beautiful seaweeds, starfish, rockfish, lobsters, etc all filtered with the clear and deep colors of the deep sea. Maybe a pier and some rocks for the frame. Annnnd you can even put a superfish in. It would be fun if you have knowledge of the local sea life, or a chance to learn about it.
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An octopus's garden is the first thing that came to mind, but googling the words didn't turn up anything like the vague picture I have in my mind.
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Lyonel Feininger has many wonderful nautical themed abstract paintings. If you want something a little more recognizable, Paul Signac was also partial to seasides.
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how about what cakebatter described, but highly stylized to be geometric and abstract? a little pop-art-y, a little google-illustration-y, highly patterned?
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I might do palm trees just the right height, to cast shadows all behind them. If you wanted there could be clouds, birds etc. I would go with fool the eye, that blends in with the kinds of plants you can grow there. By palms I mean short, but bushy palms, or hibiscus shrubs.
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It's hard to know what will fit into your neighborhood and look good near your house, but I love mid-century style illustrations of whales that are blocky and whimsical.
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I once painted a bedroom as the silhouette of a city skyline. I used painter's tape to outline the buildings in right angles, so it was really easy, then dotted the sky for stars. There was a molding two-thirds of the way down, so below that I painted in some waves, like you were seeing the city from a bay. Dead simple, since you mark it out with tape and then pretty much just color the buildings, sky, and water how you want them, and it came out pretty well. (Though the best part was that my friend painted a little bat-signal on one of the rooftops.)
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Zealandia map
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Lord Ribblesdale by Sargent.
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How about this or this?
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Or a great big picture of a squid?
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Monet's Soleil levant, Sunset, or Cliffs of Etretat. Winslow Homer's paintings often feature the sea.

Or for something totally different: Beatriz Milhazes
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This is what artists are great at! Who painted the other murals around town? Is there someone who's work you like? I would start by asking the folks who have murals you like, and reaching out to the artists who painted them.
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A graphic pattern showing the scales of a fish.
It would be a pattern that could be fairly easy to layout. You could be as minimal as you want (outlines), or detailed & colorful like jewels.
It'd symbolize the ocean in general. And of course it would hint to your mefi name!
google images scales of fish
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Do a Whaling Wall as a tribute to Robert Wyland! He spent 27 years painting 100 Whaling Walls all over the world!

See photos of his work here.
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Black smokers and tube worms.
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I'm so jealous, what an opportunity! Lots of good suggestions... it'll be so difficult to choose. I'd be tempted to mount works on a removable surface and change it out every so often, or just re-paint, maybe? You could commission local artists.

Given your dimensions of 8 wide and 2.5 high, I googled things like "horizontal painting sea".

Also maybe a vertical plantbed that looks like a seabed?

8 meters? You could do the history of seafaring in your region. Or the evolution of sailing vessels. Or the Cambrian explosion. Or 3 billion years of life forms. Or sailboats a'la Feininger
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