Tracking med doses for Android
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I have pain meds that I'm forgetting to take every day or struggle to remember when it has been 4-6 hours later for my next dose or remembering even if it feels like I don't need that second dose I should check in at least to see if it is getting worse. I've tried a variety of apps from the Google Play store but can't find a pill reminder that fits my weird needs.

I have tried apps where you set an alarm and it goes off and repeats until you remember it. The problem is I can usually tune that out or end up thinking I've taken it when I haven't. Or I take it later and then am at a loss as to where that 4-6 hour window ends up at. I'm looking for an app that lets you set the usual alarms and then if you miss and remember later it updates the next alarm to whenever the next 4 hours is. Does this exist? Or if not is there any other ways you can think of that will let me actually keep track here. I've tried writing it down (but forget) and tried putting the pain meds right next to where I sit with a bottle of water but I keep forgetting once the alarm goes off or can't remember. I can always remember to take the meds I need to take daily in the mornings and nights but something about pain meds make me reluctant to take them so they aren't in my head. And they should be because everyone tells me right now that I need to get on top of the chronic pain and focus on resting and trying to get calm and decent sleep to get out of this huge flare I'm in and out of this depression spiral. If I could jsut remember to take it then I could get a breath to do the other things that help like stretching, keeping moving, cooking, talking to other human beings without wanting to rip their heads off.
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Have you tried working to "check in" with your body some way? For example, a Fitbit will allow you to set up to eight vibrating alarms. When the alarm vibrates, you take a moment to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth several times, and ask your body how it feels. A physical reminder might make it easier to generate a physical response of checking in. Only after you check in do you dismiss the alarm, it will snooze for nine minutes until it is purposefully dismissed. I just have a hunch that making the alarm more physically attached to you might help.

Best of luck, this is a really good question and I'm curious to see what other solutions people recommend.
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"Pill Logger" for Android does this; you enter the time when you take a dose, and you can tell it that with that particular med, always alert you in four hours that it's time for the NEXT dose. If you ignore the alert it sits there in your notification tray (unless you dismiss it), and whenever you take the next dose and enter the time you take it, it starts the four-hour countdown again.

(I think it also has the option for clock-time-only alarms, but I primarily used the "countdown from whenever I took the dose" function.)
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Is there a reason you don't use a pill sorter for your pain meds? I find it really helpful when combined with an alarm; it's really easy to see when I just ignored the alarm because there are still meds in the noon slot, say. Probably one of the apps you've already tried would work better if you could stop second guessing it. (I actually just use a plain 4 or 6 hour alarm, try to let it shriek until I've swallowed my meds or at least have gotten up to find them, and then tell it to start over.)
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Try a low tech solution like this pill tray. It will work even if your phone battery is dead, and you just need to look in the correct slot to see if you are due for your next dose.
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If the goal is make sure that you don't take the pills too soon, one option is a pill timer cap that counts up from the last time you closed the cap. You probably still need something to remind you get out the bottle but it does gives you a quick double check.
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Oh I thought I included that the reason I can remember the majority of my meds is because of them in being in a pill box pre sorted. It's the as needed that I can't seem to make the connection between alarm means pill. I've tried getting pain meds packed with my other pills but then I end up taking too much because I have to take other meds 4x a day. Plus I also just have anxiety about taking pain meds which is my own weirdness so that could be a factor in my overlooking simple solutions. I'll check out that app and come back as more suggestions are always helpful. It may just be a me thing and I just have to write Take your meds! On every wall of my place to remember. Thanks :)
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I think the pill timer caps would work for you then, as metahawk linked. I have an 'as-needed' pill as well, and they really helped me a lot. I could never remember whether I had taken it or not, and then I wouldn't take it, because I was afraid of double-dosing.
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