Tees for the Revolution!
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I would like more t-shirts with all kinds of excellent liberal progressive feminist stuff on them. But, I would like my t-shirt purchases to support the great causes, too. I don't mind if the (real) artist makes money but I would like some of the money to go to supporting the resistance!

I have two ACLU shirts from the ACLU, and I have ordered the only officially available Shepard Fairey T from Obey Clothing (and stickers from the Amplifier Foundation).

So, have you supported some great causes through t-shirt purchases?

[When I said the (real) artist I mean the person who created the image. I have seen for instance, unauthorized Shepard Fairey images for sale in Facebook posts. Which is SO WRONG. Also infuriating. (Yes I do comment on those and report them.)]
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Prinkshop has a few tees that are super great quality (though pricey) that all support various causes with a percentage of sales.
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The podcast My Favorite Murder has a great shirt up right now that's very much non-specific to the show and for the rest of the month 50% of the proceeds go to the ACLU.
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I recently bought this Resist tee; proceeds go to the National Parks Foundation and National Forest Foundation. The other one I've seen floating around is the Rogue NASA tee; proceeds go to Girls Who Code and the National Math + Science Initiative.
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Teespring allows you to search by cause, and if the proceeds go to support an organization it is clearly stated.

For example, here is a "Nevertheless, She Persisted" t-shirt with 100% of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

Here is another page of items where 50% of the proceeds go to ACLU.
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Self link: my wife made this one for introverts, proceeds to the ACLU: The Introvert Resistance
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Friend of a friend just launched this site. All proceeds are being split between various progressive causes: http://www.truthreads.org/
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peace supplies
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They have many shirts where the proceeds are going to charity.

The only problem is you have to look at each shirt to see which ones. The shirts are also REALLY soft and well made.
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