Looking for a natural Hair Mist / Spray that *only* makes hair shiny
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Looking for a natural Hair Mist / Spray that only makes hair shiny, but doesn't make it thinner or heavier

I'm a guy in my mid-30s with brown-and-silver mixed hair which has been getting thinner and duller (due to the grays) for some years.

I'm okay with my hair care paraphernalia in general— shampoo & conditioner, regular rinses, and light pomade (which I barely apply).

But I still find my hair too dull, especially during the winter, and am looking for a natural Hair Mist / Spray that only adds shine (if it tackles frizziness, a bonus)— but doesn't make hair at all thinner, heavier/clumpier, or greasy, and doesn't have a strong smell. Essentially a spray that just adds shine.

I try to use as 'natural' products as possible— few ingredients, organic, and no potentially toxic ingredients and additives.

Maybe this is a tall order and doesn't exist. Haven't had any luck going from store to store to store, mall to mall to mall (ugh). Found one or two that sort of fit the bill, but had a lot of chemicals in them and smelled strongly.

Any suggestions— even for conventional, non 'natural' products— will be entertained.
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Have you tried a tiny amount ( like half a Tic Tac size) of normal conditioner on wet hair after showering--no rinsing?
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try argan oil or moroccan oil, especially if your hair is on the dry side. you apply it after washing and towel-drying and it absorbs into the hair as it dries. it works great on graying hair that is wiry and frizzy, but if you have fine hair it might weigh it down more. some brands are expensive but i like this one which is available at most stores.
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Argan oil or Jojoba oil.
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Thanks for the responses so far. Just to clarify— have tried most oils by themselves, and they don't seem to work for me; weigh my hair down, and make it thinner and greasier.

Just looking for a mist / spray (if such exists). Thanks :)
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There are some argan oil sprays but I don't think it penetrates as well when it's applied on dry hair. Then again, that may be a better option for you. It's really easy to use too much, maybe try using half of what you have tried in the past. When I put it on wet I can't really feel it but when it dries it makes my hair silky.
You could also try a silicone product, like Frizz Ease. It comes in a spray. It coats the hair and makes it shinier. I think it's also applied on wet hair. Again, it's easy to overdo it with this product too!
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Can't call it particularly "natural" but I have been using this stuff for years. Very, very light and I think it's smells delicious (interestingly it kind of smells like a good men's cologne--I wear a very flowery, feminine perfume, so I like the fragrance balance).
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It's not natural, but I like this OGX Weightless Dry Oil Spray. Not at all heavy. Does have a scent but it's a nice spicy/unisex one, and not at all overpowering. I tend to spray on my hands and run through my hair as I find it easier to control this way.
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Biosilk Shine On spray.

But also, if you're using coconut oil (which can actually penetrate the hair shaft) you might have some dulling build-up happening, so you might also want to use a clarifying shampoo, just once weekly, like Paul Mitchell Three. That'll make it slightly dry, so you'll then need a moisturizing conditioner, like maybe Paul Mitchell's Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner. Then you can use a normal moisturizing shampoo and conditioner through the week, but if you're using the Biosilk, it's got to have sulfates in it to get rid of the silicone.
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I would just go for a hair glaze or gloss. It lasts a month or more an looks great. You can google those terms and get lots of recommendations. Clear or lightly tinted. It's not "natural" but most of the stuff like argan oil is really just silicone sprays anyway.
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Honestly, you can get a shiner-glosser product quite inexpensively to do exactly what you want here, it's just not "natural or organic" at all. On the other hand, your hair is already dead and this product wouldn't even be interacting with your scalp, so...
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If hair oil makes your hair greasy you apply too much. The idea is a couple of drops, you rub your hands together and lighly run them over your hair. You still wash your hair as frequently as normal.
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Brilliant hair shine spray by Aveda, it is just what you want.
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I use Osis Sparkler shine spray (sorry, not natural). It's a dry spray, doesn't leave it greasy or weighed down like oils and serums, but leaves a nice shine especially on the silvers (I let my natural hair grow out a couple of years ago and I'm mostly grey). Smells nice but not overpowering or chemically and lasts for ages.
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Certainly not natural or organic but this does exactly what you want.

I have long thick hair and I generally do about 4 spritzes into the air and then shake my hair back and forth through it. You would not want to use more than 1 spritz or it will make your hair look oily.

Also these things are never really packaged so you could walk into CVS/Target, try it out and then go back later to actually buy it. It's under 5 bucks if you do decide to get it.
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Nthing the suggestion that this is going to be hard to achieve while meeting your "natural" criteria.

If you want to experiment cheaply, I would head to a beauty supply store and look for a clear liquid in a spray bottle with "shine" in the name. You're in Quebec, so you don't have Sally Beauty, but that's the sort of place you'd want to go.

Something like this or this.
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I like this one, doesn't weigh my fine hair down like others do.
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I've heard that Verb's Ghost Oil is supposed to be great. Weightless shine.
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Seconding Aveda's Brilliant hair shine spray. Don't spray it directly onto your hair, though, or you'll get the heavy/greasy result, which as with all shine products means you've used a little too much. Spray once or twice into your hand, rub your hands together, then smooth the product lightly over your hair. A bottle lasts a million years, too.
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Most shine products have some form of silicone and they make hair shinier, don't weigh it down, and also make it less frizzy by making it kind of slippery. Start with a very small amount on wet hair.
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I like TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Shine Spray. I have short hair and spray once into my palm, rub my hands together, and run them over the surface of my hair. A tiny amount makes my hair shiny and smoother without weight. Sniff before you buy...it is fragrant.
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