What can I do in and around Panama City, Panama
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I'm thinking about going to a conference for two days at the Marriot in Panama City and could use some tips about things to do and places to stay.

I'm planning to attend a conference in the Marriott for two days in late March. I don't want to stay at a hotel particularly and could use tips for finding a place to stay. By way of reference, I'm pretty cheap but not foolishly so. I'm more of a biker/hiker and alternative soul and prefer interesting rather than normal and boring. I would love to take my folding bike in a suitcase and do some riding, perhaps using that to get back and forth in the city but is that practical or a foolish endeavor for a short trip?
If I had my perfect visit, I'd find a place near a beach where I could ride back and forth to the hotel, then do a couple of days exploring before returning. Is this doable, a fantasy, would I be better off staying in a hotel? Any tips appreciated, have not yet laid any plans so pretty flexible at this point. My basic intent is to attend the conference so everything else is optional.
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Panama would almost certainly be your best chance to bicycle from ocean to ocean. I don't know how much fun it would be but it would be an interesting thing to be able to claim.
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For orientation: Avenida Balboa runs along the Pacific coast from Old Town to Punta Paitilla, an area where you have the huge modern skyscrapers. (Although there are a fair number of skyscrapers along Avenida Balboa also). Essentially, it stretches from old town to the upscale area.

There is a wide sidewalk/bikeway along Avenida Balboa called the Cinta Costera that will take you to a few worthwhile places. One is Old Town. I recommend visiting Old Town on foot. Narrow streets. Plenty of safe places to lock up your bike before you enter. (You can rent a bike there, also).

Calle Amador is a long stretch along the ocean where you'll run into lots of cyclists. It has a gorgeous museum, The Museum of Biodiversity. I believe you can take the Cinta Costera with a good bike path all the way to Calle Amador.

I've not been at a hotel in Panama City for about two years, but the small hotels are reasonable in cost (under $50) and good enough. I prefer them to the chain/casino palaces. I haven't run into a seedy/bad hotel but they probably exist, so keep an open eye. I recommend those in the area of Avenida Cuba or Avenida Peru. Something with a cross-street of Calle 30 or higher in number. These are about 4 blocks from the Cinta Costera and nearby the subway system, which is new and quite good.
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