Any good protests planned in DC next week?
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I'm going to be in DC next week. I do not like Donald Trump. Are there any protests planned from Feb 19 - 24? My 10- and14-year old children also do not like Donald Trump, and would like to join me.

Anon because I don't like to announce publicly that I'll be away from my home, that's all.
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There's a Facebook page that collates all protest events in DC.
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If you can't find anything organized, why not do-it-yourself? Make a sign and hang out with your kids for a while in front of the White House, in Lafayette Park.
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Check out the Washington Peace Center. Here are the activities for the week of Feb 19th.
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Seconding Rash; I've been down to Lafayette or the Capitol every weekend since the election and there are always protesters.

DC as a city is not . . . particularly happy about all this.
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