Who are the Reporters' Reporters?
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I'm interested in following established and respected journalists who have very deep ties to and sources in specific parts of the U.S. political establishment. In other words, rather than covering U.S. politics generally, these journalists are widely known for their expertise with a specific thing (examples below the fold). Basically, who do other reporters look to as the definitive source on X agency/party/Congressperson/state/whatever?

Examples I already know of:

David Ignatius & the CIA
Pete Williams & the DOJ
Barbara Starr & the Pentagon
Jon Ralston & Nevada politics
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I have a few journalist friends. I follow the journalists they follow and interact with on Twitter. I do the same for journalists I don't personally know but who cover the specialized niche I work in in a fair and detailed manner.

I have many complaints about Twitter, but this process of discovering the value my trusted contacts put into their trusted contacts is truly one of the platform's advantages. It's like link surfing, but in a socially-ordered manner.
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Health policy -- Sarah Kliff.
Chicago municipal politics -- Ben Joravsky.
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Best answer: Robert Costa for Republican Party insider info.
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Best answer: Alyson Klein, K-12 education policy and Department of Education
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Best answer: Lots of great suggestions in this thread.
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Jennifer Dlouhy for the energy industry and policy.
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Dahlia Lithwick for the Supreme Court.
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