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I'll be in NYC next week with the family. While most of my time will be occupied by escorting a 6 year old to museums, dinosaurs, and battleships, I will have a free afternoon to browse bookshops. I am looking for used bookshops with a good selection of fringe (cryptids, UFOs, psychic mysteries, etc) books. Specifically, I want mass market UFO paperbacks from the 60s-90s, but will take all comers in that vein.

I am aware of the Strand and we go there anyways. I'm not looking for New Age or witchcraft stores - I live in Salem, MA and we have 20 of them.

I need to maximize my browsing time. Please only suggest off-Manhattan options if you know for a fact they have more than one shelf of weird UFO books.
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So if you want to trek out to the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn (where I live) Here's A Book Store on Coney Island Ave has, from what I recall, a pretty robust selection. I You can give them a call and see if they have more specifically what you are looking for. This is the store where I got my copy of Fingerprints of the Gods.

Also there was a vendor who specialized in exactly this who came to the Morbid Anatomy Flea Market at least once (I got a copy of Mysterious Pyramid Power there.) Unfortunately, Morbid Anatomy closed and "there was a vendor there that sold these" is as good a lead as I can provide. I just sent out a missive on Twitter to see if I know anyone who worked there so I'll follow up if I get anywhere.
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Singularity&Co, only 1 subway stop into Brooklyn.
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Really good chance Singularity&Co is that vendor I mentioned.
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I was also gonna say Singularity&Co - they are more focused on fiction, though. But it's my favorite bookstore in NYC. I'd call ahead to see if they have the kind of stuff you're looking for.
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I'd also check out East Village Books NYC
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Singularity&Co looks like it might be worth the trip out (assuming they still exist as half the webpage is borked) - I'll give them a call tomorrow.
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Mysterious Bookshop in Tribeca
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Hrm. "Not a whole lot." was the answer - they have some stuff, but not the deeper cuts I am looking for.

Might have to fill that Friday hole by drinking instead.
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