Nose Sore Treatment Suggestions?
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What is a good remedy to treat nose sores? Recently I've started to develop small sores on the inside of my nose every winter. I realize it's because everything is dryer. I run a vaporizer at night. I treat the sores with bacitracin, mentholated ointment and petroleum jelly but nothing seems to work. The sores kind of come and go all winter. They are annoying and painful. Does anyone have any suggestions for some remedy that will help.
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Could be a lack of vitamin B in your diet.
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Saline nose spray - find the kind without preservatives if you can. Use it 2-4+ times a day, it will make a difference within days. Stop using any other products in your nose, just the saline to moisturize and rinse.

A good multivitamin wouldn't hurt, either.
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I started taking prenatal vitamins with omega-3 fatty acid supplements in them. The main benefit is supposed to be for the baby's brain development, but an unexpected side bonus is my skin is much less dry and fragile than it used to be. Huge difference - YMMV of course since skin dryness varies a lot from person to person.
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Same here, malhaley. I thought I was alone. Googling the topic did nothing for me.

I tried the humidifier at night too. The saline spray helps. I bacitracin at night, but before I do, I swab with hydrogen peroxide. I know -- makes it dryer over all in there, but otherwise they linger for over a week and slowly kill me and bring tears to my eyes, literally. I still think I am going to see a doctor though.

Will check the vitamin B intake too, since it was mentioned.
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There's always ye old neti pot. I don't use mine for sores but it definately helps with painful dryness.
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Dunno if this is related, but if I take sudafed every day for a week or so, my nose hurts. Not sores, exactly, but the actual "bulb" at the end of my nose gets very tender. Are you taking lots of decongestants?
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How about the obvious: drink lots of water. It's very dry indoors in the winter. Stay hydrated.
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Doesn't seem to have a bearing on it.
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Here is an interesting article

Btw, one of my children has just developed boils - doc said on Monday that they are caused by a staph infection within his nostrils (rubs his nose w/fingers then transfers to skin)- now on oral antibiotics as well as some cream/antibiotic that is put in the nostrils with a q-tip.
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Good article. Now, I wonder if it's the Flonase spray.
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LadyBonita: The article you mentioned is one I found. I have a prescrition for Bactroban. It was for another problem. If you look at the literature that comes with the drug it says it isn't for internal use and to keep it away from the nose among other places.
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Try obtaining Vitamin A or fish oil capsules/perls, puncturing them with a pin and daubing the sores with the oil. I found that very soothing and healing for both cold sores and when I have a runny nose and the tissue beneath my nostrils becomes dried out, red and sore.
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The article you mentioned is one I found. I have a prescrition for Bactroban. It was for another problem. If you look at the literature that comes with the drug it says it isn't for internal use and to keep it away from the nose among other places.
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Malhaley, that is the same medication prescribed for my son - to be used in his nose twice per day. Yes, the literature says not to be used in the nose/internal use unless your doctor prescribes otherwise. Our doc explained this to us and also explained that it's fine as long as it's used the way he prescribed. My son just laughs when we apply it because it tickles, no burning, itching, etc. Our home is very dry this time of year and I think that contributed to the staph taking hold in his nostrils - he was 1st treated with antibiotics for a severe cold/ear infection, cleared up for a short time, then the boils showed up along with stuffy nose again.

Anyway I think it's worth mentioning to your doc - that it could be a staph infection & may need a prescription treatment (I have no idea if the treatment in your case would be Bactroban in the nostrils).
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Thanks everyone, there are some things I'll try here.
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I went to my ENT with the same problem literally yesterday. She gave me a tip sheet as follows.

1. Use a nasal saline spray often during the day. Generic brands are fine.

2. Drink lots of water and other clear fluids to keep hydrated.

3. Use AyrGel before sleep. This is a nasal saline that you can easily insert; it will protect the mucous membranes of your nose while you sleep. [Note: AyrGel is oopy. But it works.]

4. If you have crusting or mild blood-tinged drainage, use Bacitracin ointment twice a day in each nostril, and continue with the above as well.

5. If you use a nasal steroid for allergies [Note: a spray like Nasonex] and experience bleeding, take a two-day vacation from the spray (use Bacitracin twice a day instead).
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