Gramercy Park: Worth spending $380 plus for a hotel room to get access?
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Can anyone who has been to Gramercy Park (or knows someone who has been there) advise me if it's worth the $380+ cost of a hotel room at the Gramercy Park Hotel just to get access to the park (and if it's even worth seeing Gramercy Park in mid-February)?

Is there anything special about its gardens, statuary, etc. worth seeing on their own merit or is the whole cachet the restricted nature of the park's access? My SO and I are catching a show at the Gramercy Theater in NYC on 2/16 and staying down in NYC for some activities the next day and we have some time to kill in the morning.
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I haven't been there myself but I immediately thought of this article from Curbed: How to get into Gramercy Park. I hope it helps you decide!
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No. It's tiny and you can see over the fence. Donate the difference between the hotel you would have stayed in to the ACLU, or put it in your IRA, or spend it at a bar.
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Definitely not, and 100% not in February. Take yourself out to a nice dinner or something instead.
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I think the answer really depends on what $400 is worth to you. If you earn that in an hour, then yeh why not, it's like a person who works a near minimum wage job going for a game of bowling. Otherwise, based on my walking by it a few times, it's just a nice little park, nothing extraordinary.
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I wouldn't, but I wouldn't think it would be crazy. Other Manhattan hotels will run you a few hundred dollars anyway, so if the two of you are going, it's essentially like paying around $100 per person for a ticket: more than a museum ticket, but less than most Broadway shows.
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It's nothing special. I mean, if the difference in prices between that hotel and another nearby hotel where you'd otherwise stay is $30, it might be a harmless whimsy. But there are a ton of parks in NYC and nothing about Gramercy Park stands out except that it's locked.
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Oh, no. Just stay somewhere else and hang out i Central Park.
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Thanks, everyone! That was precisely the feedback I needed. The exclusivity of Gramercy Park has always intrigued me but it sounds like its best seen in a more hospitable season and even then, it sounds like it's nice but not "OMG! My life has been changed by seeing this!" Maybe if another modest windfall hits me in the Spring, I'll give it a shot.
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Yeah, I've been in (had a childhood friend who lived on the park!) and it's quite nice but I don't think it would be worth the cost. On occasion they've been known to open to the public so maybe check on that whenever you come to NYC if the idea of going inside really intrigues you.
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It's a square. Spend $380, fly to London, walk across Grosvenor Square for free, and it is basically the same experience.
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It sounds like Union Square would be a lot more interesting.
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If you're really set on getting inside Gramercy Park, it's always open for a few hours on Christmas Eve for caroling. We went in 2015, when it was unseasonably warm. I ignored the caroling and instead checked out every nook and cranny, knowing it might be a while before I got inside again!
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literally the sole point of interest for gramercy park is that it's exclusive. if saying that you went to a place that not many people have regular access to is worth that money to you then do it. if you have otherwise realized that this is ridiculous then do literally anything else in nyc.
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You can see most of the park by looking in from outside the fence. Get a cheaper hotel, go look at the park from outside before the sun goes down, and then eat at Maialino (which is in the Gramercy Park Hotel).
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heartily seconding bedhead's suggestion of enjoying the views of/in/through the park from Maialino - an absolutely lovely place for a meal at any time of day (the breakfast pastries are awesome, though the brunch menu hews pretty lunchy, never been a problem for me).
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Oh God. I dragged my tired boyfriend and sleepy baby out on Christmas Eve to go see Gramercy Park this past Christmas. It is tiny, the Christmas tree was possibly the most underwhelming public tree I've ever seen, and the park itself was just... a park.

I'd imagine there'd be nothing to see in February that you wouldn't be able to peek through the fence at. In summer it might be pretty, but again, you'd probably see the exactly the same at Central Park.

Don't waste your $380!
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I've been in; the gate was standing open and I just walked in. There are gravel paths, nicely-placed benches, small lawns and some nice manicured greenery lining the paths. Absolutely no fun is allowed. If you have been to a decently-nice European city walking park, or even if you have been to a botanical garden, you have been to Gramercy Park. And it February it will be pretty muddy and gray. Don't sweat it.
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Another New Yorker to say Gramercy Park ain't shit.
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I'm late to the party, but for future reference it's a nice neighborhood to walk around in, so if the weather is OK and you're curious to see it, grab a coffee at Irving Farm and walk around the perimeter, then head down to Union Square (especially if the farmers' market is on — M, W, F, Sa) or over to Stuyvesant Square if you want a park to sit in for a minute.

(As everyone has said it's not worth clamoring to get into even in a more clement season, unless you're already around with nothing to do on one of the rare occasions when it's open to the public, and then it's just more of a novelty.)
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