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I am seeking vacation options which are infant, hippie, elder and dog-friendly. I live a reasonable drive from Orlando/Tampa, Atlanta, or New Orleans. More specs inside.

I would love natural attractions like parks, hiking trails, kayaking as well as an area with things to do for less mobile individuals while they wait on me to do my nature thing. Humane zoos are okay but many zoos are not humane. Wildlife refuges are great. Museums are great. Wifi access a plus. Seeking accommodations in the $50-100 per night range. Thanks, Hive Mind.
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Depending on whether the "wait on you" means hours or overnights, I recommend looking into the Cumberland Island National Seashore on the southern GA coast. There is a cute town with an affordable B&B and some serviceable bars (St. Mary's) and then you can take ferry day trips to the island, which contains an awesome ruins as well as many miles of completely empty white sand beach, or you can overnight there - there is a central facility with running water and showers and nice quasi-private campsites with a fire ring and grill, etc. You tote over a tent and a couple of camp chairs and as much beer and hot dogs as you can carry and there is absolutely nothing to do except explore, laze on the beach, drink beer, and eat hot dogs. They have fat tired mobility wheelchairs that can go over the flat paths on the island. There are also feral horses everywhere. There's an onshore breeze usually so the bugs are not as bad as might be expected. It's basically the best place on earth (IMO) if it meets your needs.
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I think I mentioned this in another AskMe long ago, but Topsail Hill State Park, west of Tampa, comes straight to mind. You can camp or RV there, and there are even cabins for rent; it's popular with people of all ages, including a lot of retirees. It's close to lots of wildlife refuges and hiking (and the wildlife watching is, of course, fabulous) and wonderful beaches, and it's down the road from Destin and lots of cute little beach towns, so there are lots of places for less mobile folks to hang out and relax. I don't recall it being particularly crowded with annoying college-age party types, unlike the surrounding areas (I think they're strict about alcohol and noise).
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How about Savannah? There's the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. The Children's Museum which is next door to the Railroad Museum. You can kayak the Ebenezer Swamp. Lots more interesting stuff to do and places to stay. I'm not sure about bringing the dog, however, as most of these won't let you bring your dog in. And the beach, I think, is the same. Feel free to memail if you want more specific answers.

St. Augustine is also interesting.
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Perhaps Chattanooga, TN; Asheville, NC; or somewhere along in there. Lots of mountain hiking and some museums.
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Came to say Asheville. tracer beat me to it.
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I had a blast in Charleston, SC and especially on the barrier islands off he coast.
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Honestly the first thing that popped into my mind was San deigo but NC is your best bet for hiking galore and if you are going to outer banks area kayaking is amazing. You can get a kayak for 24 hrs for cheap.
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