World news roundup email similar to NextDraft?
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I really like the NextDraft news roundup, but it tends to be focused on America. Is there something similar that touches on the big news stories occurring around the Globe? As well written and concise (with links) as NextDraft? Hook a brotha up!
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Best answer: Daily Pnut. It's the best. Very similar feel to NextDraft (I get both), but with an explicit international focus.
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Best answer: This is a self-link (and so may be removed), but the Global Voices daily newsletter has stories from just about every corner of the planet. Here is the newsletter archive:
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Best answer: To avoid My Dad's self-link, above, I'll second that! I've enjoyed peeking at the Global Voices website for a long time, but didn't think to sign up for the newsletter. Definitely worth checking out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Dad!
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