Calling all Miami residents, plumbing edition
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Miami residents, would you use this plumbing supplier (repute, not price)?

I am searching for a Grohe Ladylux Cafe (model 33 755) faucet spray head, 46 175, now discontinued. Though Grohe says that newer spray heads also fit, Guillen in Miami, FL website appears to show that they have the original part. I checked Guillen in Miami Yelp. It looks quite small (ten reviews). Have any of you heard of it and do you think it is reputable? I am not concerned that the part is expensive as I have resigned myself to that, but in worried about being ripped off since I am not local. I live near Washington DC and have no plans to visit Miami.
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Response by poster: Here us the link to the site
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I can't say whether or not they are reputable, but I can say your risk is minimal if you pay with a credit card. If they fail to send the product or it is not actually new and they refuse to accept a return, simply dispute the charge with your bank and the charge will be removed.

At worst you'll have to fill out and send back a form they send you in the mail. The hassle factor for chargebacks on credit cards is very low, unlike with debit cards attached to your bank account where you may be out the money for some indeterminate period of time.
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