Termites and attachment issues
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I live in a semi detached house in Toronto. Our attached neighbours (tenants) recently moved out to escape what she called "slum" conditions (termites up to the second floor, mold in the basement). We have been treated for termites and appear to be mold-free, but I'm wondering what our legal rights are. Is there a governing body that can tell me if we can compel the attached owner to treat for termites?
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Toronto municipal code and bylaws state that: "All properties shall at all times be kept free of rodents, vermin, insects and other pests and from conditions which may encourage infestation by pests."

I would contact a Property Standards office and see what they advise. I don't know how much info/proof they need to trigger a by-law enforcement officer visit.

(IANAL and IANAmunicipalbureaucrat)
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The word from the termite inspector guy is that Toronto dropped a bylaw requiring that attached homes treat for termites at the same time about 7 years ago. So while my home is safe for the time being, he says there is absolutely nothing I can do to influence the attached neighbour's actions.
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