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Traveling to China for work. Unsure how to fill out the major family portion of the form. I am a woman married to a woman, China does not recognize same sex marriage. Do I list my wife in major family on the visa application?
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Looks bad.

I live in China, I once met a married gay couple while I was travelling in the Philippines. They both worked in China as English teachers. Since, due to the marriage, they had the same family name, they just claimed they are "brothers". Both had their own work visa.

"Traveling to China for work."
How long will you stay? Is this just a business trip or a relocation? I see two options:

1. Get your wife a job as an English teacher. Should be easy.

2. If she has a US passport she can likely get a 10 year tourist or business visa.
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PS: Don't start to evangelize in China about gay marriage or something.
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A few questions:
- Is your wife coming with you, and does she want to work?
- What's the duration of your stay to China?
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