Help me save my shoes!
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I'm looking for a very talented shoe refinished or cobbler to bring my beloved but yellowing patent leather heels back to life.

I can't even begin to tell you how much these shoes mean to me. They match everything I own, they were comfortable, I just love them. They are "you by crocs" positanos. I'm not sure how to link or put up photos so I'll try to give you the pertinent information. They were a shiny very light gray. Now the shiny layer on top has yellowed but it seems to me that with the right tools this could be buffed off, and they could be re dyed and then be refinished again. Does anyone know any leads- I know it's complicated but I'm willing to shell out for this- up to 500 dollars- although my feeling is it should cost perhaps 200-300. I live in Germany so would be posting them. In Europe is preferable due to the tricky customs, but I can also arrange for somewhere in the states as I have a friend coming to visit me in June who could bring them with her. What do you think? Anyone have any ideas?
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Why not Germany for this, just so we know?

I live in NYC, which may be very different price-wise for cobblers from where you live, but I have had a pair of leather boots polished with colored polish and re-soled for less than $30. Patent leather and a particular grey dye will be more expensive, but it will almost definitely be less than $200.

(If you want to link to a photo, you can go to and just drag the image from your desktop to the screen. It will automatically upload it and give you a share link, which you can paste into a comment.)
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If you're open to replacing them, you might also find that you can do so for much less--I looked on ebay, and there are quite a few shoes made by that brand that are priced much lower than you're willing to spend. Obviously, I don't know if they're the exact style, and you might have to look for a while to replace them exactly, but that would get you a brand new pair of shoes and you wouldn't have to rely on an unknown cobbler.
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Response by poster: Well my German isn't fantastic but maybe I will look around here. As for eBay. These positanos were in the first season in that range and very solid and made in Italy- the next season was significantly lower quality which is why you see so many on eBay. Then the line was discontinued altogether. I've looked for years to replace them as they are so so comfortable and perfect. But I've never seen anything like them again.
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