India filter: Can you recommend a tailor in Mumbai?
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Where can my friend get a good custom-tailored men’s suit in Mumbai?

Asking for a friend who is short on time because of his travels and really wants to buy a suit before he has to head home. He's looking for a tailor in Mumbai who can make him a made-to-measure suit in a fairly short timeframe. Have you used or heard of someone there who you can recommend?

My friend adds:

"I’m in Mumbai for two weeks (staying in Juhu).

In the past, I’ve used services like Propercloth and My.Suit. I’ve never had any luck with buying shirts and suits off-the-rack, because I’m skinnier than most guys but have wider shoulders and longer legs. It’s possible that I might find something off-the-rack here, but I’d prefer to get something made-to-measure if I can find a good tailor."

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with the obvious caveat that I have not gotten anything made there myself, my father in law (who is indian and has worked in the garment production business for the last 35+ years) took us - my brother in law and myself - to a Raymond Made to Measure store because my BIL was thinking about getting a suit on our last visit. It looks like they have a location in Bandra which would be closer to your friend and also in the tony Phoenix High Street mall.
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Yaseen's! Apparently he has a website now. I'll try to get you another name/number, as well. My husband has gotten a number of suits from Yaseen and they're all great. He can even copy stuff straight from magazines/catalogs.
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