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This is a "I like this, what do you recommend?" post.

Games I've liked a LOT:
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 3
Far Cry 3 and 4
Red Dead Redemption

Games I've liked quite a bit:
Civilization IV
Ori and the Blind Forest

Games I found meh:
Galactic Civilizations III
Offworld Trading Company

Games I did NOT like:
Civilization V
Legend of Grimrock

I'm using STEAM with an Xbox controller.
I prefer games that are compatible with the controller.
We also have a PS3 and PS4. We already own Fallout 4 on PS4, but my hubby is currently hogging it.

I can't find things that are super compatible with my likes using just tags like Open World or Post Apocalyptic (which is not a requirement). I am finding that I don't like space-based games.
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I'd try the Witcher. Witcher 2 maybe but especially Witcher 3 (emphatically not Witcher 1).
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You'll love Skyrim, which is basically Fallout in a fantasy world.

I'd also recommend Dragon Age: Inquisition. (It is not necessary to play the first two games in the series.)
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Skyrim, all the Borderlands games.
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Yeah, Witcher 3. Get the DLC too. It's amazing. I've played the main game 3 times and I'm finishing up the DLC.
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Oh definite seconding of Borderlands. They're a bit... irreverent, but in a great way.
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Shadows of Mordor and Watch Dogs 2 are both games in the vein of Far Cry that are a lot of fun.
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Try Morrowind, which is in the same series as Skyrim but older. I've been replaying it and am repeatedly blown away at how enormous this game is, and how good it is for a title published in 2002-ish.

n.b. I've not tried it with an xbox controller.
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Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines is old, but it's really well written and has a unique atmosphere. (It is a big buggy, but there is a mod out that fixes the bugs. I was able to finish it without the mod.)

Saints Row 3 and even more 4 are big dumb fun.

Sleeping Dogs also has a great atmosphere-- it's set in Hong Kong and you play an undercover cop.
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The Division on PS4 is scratching my Red Dead itch (eww) very well. I got used to the aim assist in Red Dead and it took me a couple of hours to adjust to The Division's version (get in cover, put your reticle broadly over the target, then shoulder the weapon - you'll follow the target for a second or so), and now I'm gleefully headpopping again. As with Red Dead, I couldn't really care less about 'the mission' - I just wander New York at random shooting at anyone the system assures me is a terrible person. It's heavy on upfront cinematics but sit through this and the rest of the game is...well, game.

You could also check out Wasteland 2 on Steam for tactical isometric post-nuke awesomeness.
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Saints Row 4 is far from the best game I've ever played, but it might be the most fun I've ever had playing a game.
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It seems that you might not enjoy fantasy? If you did , I would say Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Witcher 3.

If not: all the above recommendations are excellent, and I would also add Just Cause 2 (and possibly 3, though I've not yet played it and understand it has some problems) to the list. Dynamite fun!
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(Also no reason you can't have two copies of Fallout 4 if you are desperately keen! I have i on Xbox One and I'm sure it comes and goes cheaply on Steam with some frequency, plus there's a ton of DLC and a load of mods for it. Settlement building is a awesome!)
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We already own Fallout 4 on PS4, but my hubby is currently hogging it.

Pick up a Steam copy when it's on sale. Mods. REAL MODS! Turn Danse into Buzz Lightyear! Have your bobbleheads be Vault Girls instead of boys! Darth Vader armor! Zoidberg mirelurks! Replace the moon with Bob Ross! Warning: approximately 99.9\% of available mods just make tits bigger or give women wedgies. Le sigh.

Seconding the Borderlands games. Start with B1 on Steam. You want the DLC for Borderlands and Borderlands 2; the DLC for the Presequel is more meh IMHO.

Saint's Row is great great great but you want to start with 2 because 2 was in this weird place where it was half in ridiculous silly land where you're spraying stuff down with sewage and half semi-serious crime game where you have to do mercy killings of hurt-bad minions. The mixture can be sublime... I tricked an opponent into squishing his love interest with a monster truck, and after he did it I did walked up doing the slow-clap at him with a dead-serious expression. While I was wearing my hot dog suit. 3, 4, and Gat out of Hell just embrace the silly full-on which is GREAT but that weirdo tone shifts in 2 give it a special somethin'. Also the Shaundi vs Shaundi stuff in 4 won't make sense without you have played 2 and 3.

Everyone with a PC should try Stardew Valley.
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Everyone with a PC should try Stardew Valley

You can get Stardew Valley as part of the current Humble Freedom Bundle, in which all of the money you spend goes to groups defending civil rights. I am purchasing this bundle just to get the Witness and Invisible Inc., but it also includes modern classics like World of Goo (great game, already played it on Wii), Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Super Meat Boy, and Day of the Tentacle. It's a good deal, is what I'm saying. (I do not benefit from sales of this bundle in any way, just sharing news of a good deal that I am taking advantage of myself.)
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Also in the Humble Freedom Bundle is Subnautica, which I think you will like.
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Regarding where to start in the Saint's Row series, I started at 4 and loved it. I generally don't like organized crime games so I haven't been able to get into the earlier installments. Even 3 was still too much in that world to hold my attention for long enough. But I guess 4 had enough sci-fi trappings to pull me in. It's absolutely bonkers and brilliant in the way it plays with genre expectations. While I was missing some character backstories, the characters were written and acted well enough for me to get enough of a sense of who they were -- they all had their distinctive quirks and personalities that were fun to get to know.

Also (and this has nothing to do with where you should jump in -- I'm just taking this opportunity to say it) some of the music on the various radio stations is really, really good. I discovered a couple of artists through that game that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.
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Yeahbut the crime-ing you do in SR is far from organized. It's like Daffy Duck playing a Batman villain. But wearing a hot dog suit or booty shorts.
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And the commercials on the radio stations! And the random conversations you can hear... honey, we're broke! we can't have another kid until one of 'em dies.
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I'm sure others will tell me I'm crazy on this, but I would actually recommend you give Dark Souls a try—preferably in a risk-free manner in case you have a bad reaction. It's not quite the same as the games you love, but in terms of actually building a world that feels real, with all its history and particularity, and in which you feel like you really exist, I don't think there's anything quite like it. But unlike games that produce this feeling by giving you freedom to explore lots of nooks and crannies, Dark Souls does it through creating a struggle to exist in the world, and so it's a kind of open-world through embodiment, if that makes any sense (probably doesn't).

TLDR; I love the games you love, but I love Dark Souls more. But other people who love the games you love despise Dark Souls, so YMMV.
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Seconding the "Just Cause" series. I'm playing 3 and am enjoying it, although it gets pretty repetitive.
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I also really liked Far Cry 3 and 4. I highly recommend Dying Light. I think it's a way under-rated open world, post-apocalyptic game. I played it for many months. It came out in 2015 so you can buy it cheaper now days.
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because [Saints Row] 2 was in this weird place where it was half in ridiculous silly land where you're spraying stuff down with sewage and half semi-serious crime game where you have to do mercy killings of hurt-bad minions. The mixture can be sublime...

I definitely agree 100% with this. SR2 is absolutely my favorite Saints Row game However, it is suuuuuper buggy on PC, even with the fanmade patch (called Gentlemen of the Row), and can be frustrating to deal with. And if you want to try co-op in SR2, be ready for a bumpy ride~

The series is also incredibly offensive in just about every way that it's possible to be offensive. I think the games are great in spite of it all, and they're somewhat equal-opportunity when it comes to their targets, but it's something to be aware of if you choose to try any of them. That said, they also have one of the best character creation and customization systems that I've run into, largely because nothing (that I can remember) is gender-locked. Walk animation, clothing, voices, everything is usable by either gender. Still stuck with binary gender, of course, but it's a huge step above many games that I've played.

Anyway, my usual rule of thumb is if you like the movies Shoot 'Em Up and/or Crank, you will probably also like Saints Row. SR3 and 4 are both pretty stable games, so you could easily start with one of them and play the others after. SR3 is more like the movies I mentioned, while SR4 has more of a sci-fi/superhero bent (and some very wonderful Mass Effect homages).
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I think you should give Dishonored 2 a shot. It's not a true open-world game, but the mission areas are plenty large, offer a good amount of side quests and other things to keep you occupied (places to explore, things to read, people to talk to, trinkets to pilfer). Also, it's a fantastic game. It's my favorite story-based game since New Vegas.
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And I haven't played it myself, but Watch Dogs 2 is said to be quite good.
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Oh heck yes, Dying Light! Absolutely fantastic game, easily my favourite zombie game of all time. Dead Island was pretty ordinary (I still liked it but it wasn't great or anything) but just because they're the same developers, don't be fooled! On that subject, State of Decay is another excellent open-world zombie-'em-up with base building, resource scrounging, character levelling, and a ton of other great features.
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