Mother/daughters day of fun, Cleveland style
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Both my adult daughters and I will have a few days in April (20, 21, 22, 23) where we are all together!! There's also a birthday in the mix, and I am looking for something special to do.

In the past, we've done a spa event, and I lean toward something relaxing/pampering. We all like music, art, outdoorsy stuff, and thrifting. We are also crafty, and love good food and drink. One daughter lives in Cleveland, and knows her way around. Would really like something out of the ordinary! Money is to be considered, but we don't get to be together nearly as much as I would like, so I am willing to be a bit spendy. Have at it!!
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There's a scenic railroad in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
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If you can get out of Cleveland, I have wanted to visit Hocking Hills for some time and I bet April would be a great time for it. There are several nice inns that have food packages etc. More of a couples place overall, I think, but also possible to make it a family trip.
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Piggybacking on the railroad comment above, we stayed at the Inn at Brandywine Falls a few years ago and it was lovely. We stayed in one of the suites in the carriage barn for our anniversary, and have talked about going back. You can hear the waterfall from your room, and we hiked every day of our stay.
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I don't have any Cleveland-specific suggestions, but what about an epic day of thrifting? I would google all Cleveland area thrift stores and plot them out so they are in some semblance of logistical order. Pick a midpoint and google for a nice restaurant for lunch. You might also plan a mid-afternoon bakery/chocolatier/coffee stop for an afternoon pick-me-up. You could award prizes for most obscure thrifted item or best deal of the day.
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Great Lakes Brewing has an excellent brewpub.
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If you guys are interested in art and haven't been to the Cleveland Museum of Art (or haven't been since the recent renovations), you really ought to - it is a truly excellent museum.

Regarding a mid-afternoon chocolatier stop: Lilly's in Tremont, absolutely. They do wine and beer pairings, too. (There's a lot of good food and drink around Tremont and Ohio City; I don't live in the area any more and am back only occasionally, so I sadly don't have that many up-to-date recommendations.)

For drinks, I second the Great Lakes Brewing Co. as an excellent brewpub and a local institution. If pricey (!) cocktails are of interest, the Velvet Tango Room has truly excellent cocktails. (Drinks are significantly discounted during a weekday happy hour.)
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Cleveland Museum of Art is free too!

The Botanical Garden (right next to it) isn't but is very lovely.

If you like food markets the West Side Market is right by Great Lakes Brewing and is both indoors and fantastic.
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Nthing the Museum of Art, although you should note that while general admission is free, some of the special exhibitions do require you to purchase a separate ticket.

The Museum is in an area called University Circle which is kind of the showcase neighborhood of Cleveland - not only the art museum and the Botanical Gardens, but also the Natural History Museum, Case Western Reserve University (which has a Frank Gehry building if you're into that kind of thing), the Cleveland Institute of Art (one of the country's premiere art schools - there's always an exhibition of student works), the Cleveland Institute of Music (one of the country's premiere classical conservatories, which will likely have some performances), the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Severance Hall, home of the world-class Cleveland Orchestra. Plus quite a few restaurants and bars. All in about 500 acres - easily walkable. You could easily make a day of it right there.

And for your sweet tooth, either in UC or just down the street from Great Lakes are Mitchell's Ice Cream shops.

There's always the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is not free nor everyone's cup of tea, but there it is, and you can check out some of our lakefront while you're down there. (Skip the Great Lakes Science Center next door, it's really aimed at young kids.)

For more art, there's 78th Street Studios, which has a small open house every Friday during the day and every third Friday of the month (which looks like the 21st if I'm reading my calendar right) has a much bigger open house from 5-9 with some 50 artists and craftspeople who have studios in the building open for business plus music performances and food trucks and pop-up vendors.

For outdoorsy stuff, the Cleveland MetroParks - we have a huge park system surrounding and intertwining with the city.

We are also crafty

You should check in with MetaFilter's own who is basically the Queen of Cleveland Crafty - she'll steer you right.

Also just in general, late April is when we start to crawl out of our winter holes, so around the time of your trip there may be a variety of free/cheap outdoor music/arts/food/crafts/theater festivals or other events, put on by neighborhood associations and arts groups and companies. But it might be a little early for people to be promoting these events, so do some searching on the calendar of the Cleveland Scene as you get into April. The Scene is our free weekly paper that's probably the closest you'll come to a one-stop place for things happening around town.
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