unidentified U.S. Army mental test scores abbreviations
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What do these "mental test scores" abbreviations (from a deceased relative's U.S. Army records in the early 1970s) refer to? : MOB-1, DCT, ALAT-1, ARC-1, ACS

Also, where can I find an explanation of each aspect of the test (if it's not immediately obvious from what the abbreviations expand to)? Equally important would be an explanation of what the scores might mean (e.g. "most people score in the X to Y range; scores above Y may indicate a distrust of authority/aversion to crowds/fondness for big fluffy bunnies").

... I don't doubt that there's a combination of search terms that will turn up this information online, but I haven't found it.
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ALAT is Army Language Aptitude Test, ARC is Army Radio Code [aptitude test]. This PDF called the Personnel Selection and Classification Enlisted Occupational Classification and Utilization lists a bunch of tests with a brief description of them. ALAT and ARC are the only two abbreviations of yours I found referenced, but the others might in there too without an explicit abbreviation. Or the may have come later, since the PDF is dated 1961.
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Response by poster: Thanks, mdevore. That document led me to the phrase "Army Classification Battery" and the realization that I kept using "abbreviation" for a search term when what I need was, uh, "acronym." Right. So that helped me track down the other acronyms in this document.

ACS had several possible meanings, but given that some of these documents list "field wireman" as occupation, I'm going to assume "Army Communicative Systems" is the relevant one.

I'm still looking for some explanation of what the score ranges might mean; I'm sure I'll have better luck with it with better search terms. ^_^
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