Vegetarian-friendly restaurant recs in NYC please!
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Some friends and I will be in NYC in late March to see some Broadway shows--can any locals recommend vegetarian-friendly restaurants near the Theater district?

I have a whole low-carb vegetarian thing going on, which is a huge hassle, and I'm hoping some NYC mefites can rec us some places where I can get something GOOD to eat and not just like a caesar salad. (One of my friends wants to do "touristy" places and I've already nixed a couple French restaurants, but it looks like we'll be hitting Carmine's for one dinner.) Are there like good Asian places or anything like that nearby? Or just anywhere with interesting salads or veggie plates? Please help me eat good food in NYC!
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I asked a similar question a couple months ago and Toloache was recommended multiple times. We didn't end up being able to try them out, but definitely plan to on upcoming visits. If you want to go farther afield, Blossom on Columbus (upper West Side) is an awesome vegan restaurant.
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Response by poster: Ah, thanks for the link! I did search old questions but that one didn't come up for some reason, and I figured there might be new places since 2014 (when the most recent one I found was).
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Happy Cow is a good resource.
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Huh, came here to say Blossom is worth the 20/30 mins walk; not surprised that's already the first suggestion (ate there this Jan so it's a recent recc). In a more 'touristy' vein & about the same distance away there's the restaurants at Eataly near the Flatiron - their vegetable-focused outlet Le Verdura has a pretty imaginative range of salad-and-veg-heavy meals.
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The best new vegetarian restos in NYC are probably Nix, in the Village, and Dirt Candy, on the Lower East Side. Blossom and Candle 79 are the stalwarts.
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Near the theater district, with veggie options, to me screams Don Antonio a neopolitan style pizza place with some serious roots (to Italy) located about as close to times square as possilbe. No veggie plate, but they have a variety of salads and meatless-pizza options - they make very good and very straightforward traditional neopolitan pies - wet centers, roughly personally sized. They are also known for their "Montanara" where they deep fry the dough before topping it and tossing it in the oven to melt the cheese. its good, if kind of gimmicky. The "raccheta" is a calzone-pizza hybrid shaped kind of like a cornucopia (or tennis raquet, where the name comes from) so you get both some crust and a flat pizza-side and a folded more calzone side also.

If you don't want to OD on Italian that is understandable - though I would put this type of food and Carmines in different categories personally (Don Antonio serves only pizzas and salads, its not an Italian American red sauce place like Carmines).
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Hangawi is a sublime fully veg experience.
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Opening at the end of the month, and sure to be fantastic.
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