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An awkward sort of question about finding a private (ie. family / one person) restroom in Keystone, Colorado vicinity.

So, due to an injury, I can't ski... and I can't pee. But I'd like to accompany my friends on the weekly jaunt to Keystone. I currently need to "self catheter" to pee, and will have to do this once during a trip to the mountains. I'm fine doing this at home, in privacy, but very nervous about finding a place I can do this in the Keystone environs. I don't want to use a basic bathroom stall, and would prefer a lockable room.

It's not a complicated thing... only takes a few minutes and does not require much in the way of stuff. But, I'm not comfy doing it in a standard public restroom, for privacy and perhaps sanitary reasons.

Does anyone know the area well (including Silverthorne etc - I'll have the car), and might have a suggestion?
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Not specific to Keystone: You might have luck looking for "family restrooms" - they will give you the privacy you need.

Of course someone seeing a person on their own using one might give you the stink eye, but that's not as important as you being able to find a place to do what you need to do.
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The REFUGE Restrooms database has a few listings within 10 miles of Keystone, and a couple more nearer to Vail (don't know if that's too far out). If you click on the title for an entry, there are comments like if you have to be a customer to access and if they are single-occupancy restrooms, family restrooms, or something else.
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I should note that you should definitely call ahead - some of these places may be closed for the season.
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Vail is definitely too far away to pee. If you are hanging out at the base of Keystone, you really aren't going to want to drive back into Silverthorne or Frisco to pee. That sounds miserable.

Here is contact info for the Keystone Adaptive Programs which while targets outdoor activities for people with disabilities, they likely have a line on a family restroom. I'll also note that most Starbucks tend to have single person, lockable restrooms so that is always a possibility. Their contact information is: (970) 496-4733. The website has some conflicting details that suggests that it is closed for the winter but that has to be a mistake. Ca
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Most Target stores I've been to have a single-stall "family" restroom. You could call the one in Silverthorne to ask if they do.
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You may feel free to use 'unisex' or 'family' restrooms without any issue - they're available for all people. A newer + larger facility will be a good bet for one. Even many big box stores will have them, so that may broaden your search base, but I don't know the likelihood of there being large places near skiing.

Another option is a really small place that has just one single restroom for 'each sex'. Think about coffee shops or the like.
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I think the restrooms in Inxpot, a smallish coffee shop in the River Run base area, has a single restroom for each sex, as mightshould suggested. Might be worth calling them; my recollection is fuzzy.
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Most ski towns have an onsite health clinic who will very likely let you use their restroom. I'd call and ask but I have a friend who's diabetic and routinely uses either ski patrol medic area or the clinic to inject insulin or check/ warm up extremities at various resorts. And once they bandaged up another friends dog who cut his foot on the ice. They're usually pretty chill. And bored.

Failing that most resorts also have a place for skiers with disabilities which is run by volunteers who are great and I imagine they'd let you use their facilites too.
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