Troubleshooting - Lake Tahoe edition.
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We just arrived home after the drive from Tahoe City to the Bay Area, and realized that we forgot something critical in a rented condo there. We're faced with the prospect of making the 8 hour round-trip tomorrow to get it. I'm trying to figure out if there's any better way - and thought I'd try some AskMeFi brainstorming.

It's possible to give remote access to the condo, so I was thinking that if I could find someone who's coming from Tahoe tomorrow to the Bay Area, we could arrange for them to pick it up and bring it down and meet them somewhere with copious thanks and gas money. But how do I find that person? Is there a good local listserv that anyone knows about? Conversely, is there some sort of paid service that would facilitate this? Task rabbit to the max? Any other ideas?
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I'm sure you've already considered this, but in case not... perhaps you could get someone from some sort of condo association to retrieve it and ship it to you, overnight even?
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1) Craigslist rideshare, I've done this more than once. Post an ad.

2) 2nding teatime, why not ask someone to stop by and express it to you?
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How soon do you need this item? I have a friend headed there for the weekend and could bring it back next Monday if that's helpful. Message me if that could work and we can figure out details etc.
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If you don't need it asap whatever property management company takes care of the place could surely ship it back to you at cost. Either way, you want to get on the phone with them asap to figure out how to get access to the condo and/or if it has been picked up the by the cleaning crew who went in there after you left.
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Create a call tag with a courier like Fedex. If it's shippable as is you are good to go else you would need it boxed up. The courier shows up, puts on the label and bob's your uncle.
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I'm assuming this wasn't a vacation rental and it's your place in Tahoe? If it's your place, seconding to ask the management company -- call them asap. If it's a vacation rental, ask the owner?
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I live in Incline, a few miles away. If it's shippable, happy to pick up the item for you and send it over if you cover the cost. MeMail me.
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