Looking for picture of the 'Brentus firmus' straight-snouted weevil
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Looking for a picture of the 'brentus firmus' straight-snouted weevil, taxonomy here.

Hi all,

For obvious reasons, I'm looking for an image (photo, illustration, whatever) of the 'brentus firmus' straight-snouted weevil. It seems to be South American, and is proving quite tricky to pin down.

Can someone find a picture for me? I'd be ever so grateful.

Many thanks,

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I don't know if this gets you closer but the species was reported in the journal Revista Museu Paulista 15: 421-542 [478] by R Kleine in 1927.

The guy's name is Richard Kleine. I think he's this guy and the National Archives in the UK have some records of files by him held by the Natural History Museum. This one looks promising since it's the same date, roughly (though it may be too late, there are others). You could try dropping them an email: library@nhm.ac.uk
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Response by poster: Did a little digging, seems the 1926-27 expedition was to Abyssinia, while the Brentus firmus is from Costa Rica :-(
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A friend is the curator of the insect collection at uw-Madison if you think they might have one, I can put you in touch. Memail me.
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