A mysterious murder mystery
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I was recommended a trilogy of murder mysteries in a passing conversation on the bus. I didn't think to write down the titles, but now I'm trying track them down with from the details I remember.

- it's a trilogy with a male author. He may not have published anything else under that name.
- the first book in the trilogy involves rare books, possibly in a library or book store.
- they're well written with catchy titles.

That's not a lot to go on, but here's hoping
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John Dunning's Cliff Janeway books? Booked To Die is the first one, I believe.
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Cliff Janeway novels by John Dunning? There are five not three but they're very good.
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Anything here?
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I read this a while ago and don't remember the details, but as I recall they're well written. Mobile Library Mysteries.
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The Shadow of the Wind?
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The Shadow of the Wind was my first thought as well, although I don't know that I'd describe them as murder mysteries. Very good though, and you should read them regardless.
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Was it the Roth Trilogy by Andrew Taylor? The names of the books are The Four Last Things, The Judgement of Strangers and The Office of the Dead. A rare book plays a part in all 3 novels.
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Hi all,

Nothing matches exactly what I remember, but I was probably fuzzy on the precise details. Andrew Taylor and John Dunning are the best bets, and they look like great recommendations anyway. Thanks!
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