Overthinking game show audition
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I've made it to the second round of a quiz show audition process on Australian TV. As a procrastinator, I have now 15 hours to make a 1-2 minute video on my phone to upload by midnight tonight. Tips?

As an overthinker, I initially wrote a lovely script with unnecessary props which I have failed to prepare - printed quotes riffing off my name (Joy, the quotes' meanings change when "Joy" is a name, not a concept - like "taste joy", "joy is in the journey") a bit Bob Dylan music video style finishing with "choose Joy", but I'm finally starting to realise my Aspie sense of humour doesn't always translate.

I could conceivably still do this if I get my arse into gear but I'm beginning to think it's over the top and counterproductive especially with the instructions that follow:

The next stage of the application process involves completing a short questionnaire (attached) and filming a 1-2 minute video of you telling us about yourself.

It can be filmed on your mobile phone, computer or digital camera. You can take it yourself or have someone record it for you. No need to be a filmmaker, we just want to get a sense of who you are. And don’t be shy, remember you’re auditioning to appear on television.

You can chat about anything you think we should know about you. It could be your family, job, interests, why you’d love to be on the show or which [show host] you love and which ones you fear!

I know how to record video on my android, but I've not recorded myself before. Do I need to set up a little stand, so it doesn't get wobbly?
I don't own make-up (f,49.5) - should I go buy some for the purpose (risking looking somewhat clownish)?
Should I dress formally (as I would for the show?)
Do you think they want a full-length shot?
Background - I could go down the beach (100 metres from front door)? Or use my tropical courtyard as a background but it might blow out the light being so bright?
Should I practice so that there are no ums or ahs, or is better to seem unprepared and natural?

(If you are on the Gold Coast and want to do the filming, I'll shout dinner at the Grand afterwards).
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I've actually had to do this, in a similar sort of timescale, for a show I didn't even know about until that day (Eggheads - I got on and managed to knock out CJ). To be honest, I really wouldn't overthink it. Most gameshows thrive on high turnover of contestants, and I'm pretty sure that they're just trying to make sure that you're not actively going to repel the audience. This is particularly true of things where you're up against a number of opponents, because you're mainly there as fodder for them - they're the stars, you're the supporting cast.

I'd say: jot down your talking points, record it inside, set the camera up on a stand or against your laptop screen or something, put on a colourful top (but no make-up unless you normally wear it), light yourself brightly, and just do it.

If you think it's shit, just do it again. Give yourself three goes max and then send them the one you think is least awful.

In a two minute video, they're not looking for you to show star quality, so don't worry and I'm confident it will be fine.
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I have been on a game show; I have not been on this game show (IHBOAGS; IHNBOTGS?)

They want videos to make sure you are personable, do not have hideously disformed features or drool uncontrollably, and to make sure you speak English well enough to be understood. Unless this is the sort of game show that regularly shows contestants' videos on air, having one that is fun is a bonus for them - but shouldn't impact on whether or not you are chosen.

Part of what they are weeding out is people who are too camera-shy to perform - if you suspect you may be that person, then this hurdle is meant for you. Don't let them get to you. You can do it.

I would wear something you're comfortable in that looks good on you, wear whatever makeup you would wear for a job interview (if that's none, then you're fine with none), and make sure you are filmed someplace with good light and not too much noise. If you can get someone to film you, you may have an easier time relaxing through it and less time worrying about what you look and sound like - if that's possible, I'd recommend it.

Good luck!
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I was at an in person game show audition* and the first step of the day was having teams interviewed by producers. Essentially, it was a "do I get bored of these people after 30 seconds or do I want to learn more" test. I'd say this is their way of doing this remotely.

I can't say with regard to the audition, but I've had to submit short videos for work things (grant related, event related) - relax, wear whatever you'd wear out to casual drinks on Saturday night (if this would not include makeup, then no need to wear it), and if it's taking you more than 2 or 3 takes you're overthinking it so go away, have a cup of tea and go in fresh again an hour later. It won't need to be perfect - no need to over edit it it but be yourself, be confident (a couple of pauses or ums are ok) and try to be memorable (funny story, strange quirk), they'll probably have many that they have to go through.

*Family Feud, Australia. Won a trip to Disneyland.
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Video done, thanks all. Now trying to upload.
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For any future game show contestants, I wish I'd had a friend film me. I ended up in the bathroom (with shower cubicle disguised) so that I could turn the phone around and still see what I was filming. It was the only way I found that I managed to look at the camera. I was nervous with multi-tasking, and it showed - a little I think. I also would have responded better to prompts (questions from my camera-person). I had notes taped to my bathroom mirror which were useful but it would have been easier being "interviewed". Also, don't leave it to the last minute. I'm meant to upload this to Dropbox but the email warned there would be extra traffic near the deadline - and I have issues. However, I'm surprised Dropbox can't cope - it might be my local pitiful wifi.
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