new iPod Touch games wanted
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Looking for some new, free games for my iPod Touch...

I like Smash Hit, Hex FVR, Twenty, Mahjong, and Bejeweled. I've tried Two Dots but wasn't crazy about it. What other (free) games might I enjoy?
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Some games in my folder that also contains several that you listed: Dotello, Merged!, Can You Get 11, Three Disks, Merged++.
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I played a lot of Drop 7 before it was bought by Zynga. It's hella good, sugar-frosted heroin good, if you know what I mean.
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Are you completely against paying ANYTHING? There are a lot of really excellent games for iOS that are under $3.

Alto's Adventure is really really good iTunes link here and is $2.99, which is less than a cup of coffee most places around where I live!
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Have you played Threes?
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Flow Free. I know it looks kind of like Dots, but I don't like Dots either, and I do like Flow Free, so maybe it's worth a try for you.
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Thanks to I just discovered Spelltower, which is enjoyable, free online* under a different url/name/previous version (Spell Tower Minutes), and cheap (under $3) on Android/iPhone.

* Not available on mobile, since it requires flash.
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