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I am curious if anyone knows if there is a Chinese character for sky "tian" that includes a third line going strait down at the bottom. In addition any information on a vinca symbol that looks like the letter V with a dot in the middle.

I saw a symbol that looks just like tian symbol what with a third line- Like a person with three legs instead of two. I saw this symbol and wondered if it was real or just a product of the internet, or what it meant.

The vinca symbol is found in vinca symbols and I have a book by Marija Gambutas in which she speculate this is a symbol of female fertility but I know her work is considered controversial so I am curious if anyone recommends any other attempts (whether controversial or no) to hypothesis meaning behind vinca symbols or knows if the V symbol was used by another other cultures for feminine vertility, as a representation of the womb etc.

It's a very hard symbol to search because once you type the letter V, that is used as a numeral and it basically pulls up the whole internet! Any leads on the use of this symbol in other cultures than vinca would be greatly appreciated!
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Hmm maybe the 8th earthly branch. That leaves the vinca symbol. I've been curious about this for a long time!
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Is it perhaps 禾(wheat) or 末(edge or end)?
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Ah I hadn't seen those thanks monocot!!! What was written by it was shang "heaven" and shang is similar in meaning to sky/heaven but looks very different. I know there have been a lot of different versions of each letter and that people on the internet are wrong about things.
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On readinng more Shangdi was a prominent god of the shang dynasty period (and before) and "tian" is also used for god/heaven so that might be where the similarity was. I wonder if it was a form in older use.

I don't know if anyone knows much abut vinca symbols but if you know of any good books or websites I'm still curious! :)
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And to follow this up, in case anyone ever glances at this and didn't know, there are now character dictionaries in which you can DRAW the character to look it up!!!

I HAD NO IDEA! It's a whole new world! Every turn a surprise...

Here is one if anyone ever needs it Chinese character dictionary.
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